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Robin Beisel

International Business Major

“The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology at IUP has certainly prepared me for...”

Aaron Corso

Management Information Systems Major

“The Eberly College of Business and IT has provided me with the opportunity to receive a broad-based education. I feel prepared to start my career in MIS because...”

Monica Iachini

Marketing Major

I’m from Claysburg, Pennsylvania where I attended Claysburg-Kimmel High School and graduated in 2008. There are several reasons I’ve chosen IUP...

Seonho Kang

International Business Major

“IUP changed my whole life and future. I was a 2.6 GPA student before I came to this university. With a helpful advisor, professors and facilities, I finally saw my real abilities. Now, I am a 4.0 GPA student.”

Ruoling Li

General Management Major

“Always be prepared because great opportunities are out there waiting for you! This is Eberly!”

Divyashree C. Ravishankar

MBA with Marketing Concentration

“I am grateful to IUP for giving me a unique and global education which made me stand out among the crowd and now to have given me the opportunity to grow professionally while contributing back to the program.”

Ethan Robinson

International Business and Economics Majors

“By taking advantage of all the opportunities presented to me by IUP and the Eberly College of Business and IT, I have...”

Walter Smith

Accounting Major

“As a student not quite sure about what I wanted to do, IUP and Eberly helped me find a track that was best for me. My experiences in Eberly...”

Andrew Weigold

Business Education Major

“Every opportunity presented to a person in life is theirs for the taking. As a student at IUP and as a member of the Eberly College of Business, I have learned to grasp and hold onto every opportunity that has been sent my way...”

Rich Widdowson

Operations Management Major

“IUP provided me with an opportunity to get involved with student organizations, which in my experience have played a huge part in the academic success I have achieved thus far.”

Matthew Wilking

Accounting and Finance Major

“I got married to Eberly and IUP at age 18. We have had our fights, grievances, long nights, and hardship, but I love it. The experiences and memories that come from our work together ...”

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  • 401 Eberly
    664 Pratt Drive
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-7889
  • Fax: 724-357-4785
  • Office Hours
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
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