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MEDU: Master’s in Education

Department of Professional Studies in Education

College of Education and Educational Technology

MEDU 590 Improving Professional Practice in Instructional Settings 1-3 cr.


MEDU 591 Improving Professional Practice in Instructional Settings 1-3 cr.

Reviews current research in instructional practices, motivational techniques, and professional issues. May focus on any of these aspects of teaching, learning, or professional practice. May be presented with a kindergarten through grade twelve, elementary, middle school, secondary, or adult orientation. Offered only for continuous professional development and may not be applied toward a graduate degree. Prerequisite: Appropriate teaching certificate or other professional credential or preparation.

MEDU 761 Community and Culture 6 cr.

This team-taught Thematic Unit provides graduate students with a strong theoretical and practical knowledge base of community and the culture in which the school resides. The Thematic Unit also emphasizes indirect educational variables such as community, culture, and language diversity that directly affect all public school learners. Upon the completion of this Thematic Unit, students will possess higher levels of self-efficacy and will be empowered to engage with the school, the community, and the culture in an educational and social context. Prerequisite: Formal program acceptance.

MEDU 762 Instruction in the Inclusive Classroom 6 cr.

This team-taught thematic unit is designed to prepare graduate students with a strong theoretical and practical knowledge base which supports instruction of all diverse learners included in a general education classroom. Research-proven strategies, especially those that relate to cognitive, humanist, and behavioral views of instruction, classroom management, and motivation of diverse learners included in elementary, middle, and secondary classroom, will be explored. Students will learn how to use a model of reflective thinking to assess the effectiveness of instruction and improve the outcomes for all students.
Prerequisite: MEDU 761.

MEDU 763 Teacher as Researcher 6 cr.

This Thematic Unit provides teachers with the ability to use various research methods that will help them obtain practical knowledge that can be incorporated into their daily classroom practices. These research skills are intended to: a) improve teachers’ awareness of and relationships to their students’ lives; and b) stimulate the formation of relevant and sound teaching strategies that incorporate their findings into the classroom in ways that recognize, validate, and build upon their students’ prior socialization, knowledge, and “meaning-making” strategies. This Thematic Unit will familiarize students with the conceptual frameworks, methods, and research traditions from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives. Prerequisites: MEDU 761, MEDU 762.

MEDU 764 Educational Change and Technology 6 cr.

This team-taught Thematic Unit prepares graduate students with a strong theoretical and practical knowledge base focusing on a number of educational changes occurring in schools today. Topics include (but are not limited to) the possibilities and challenges of technology and the Information Superhighway, school organization, program design, instructional strategies, assessment practices, and the roles and relationships of educators, families, and community. Prerequisites: MEDU 761, MEDU 762, MEDU 763.

MEDU 765 Curriculum and Instruction 6 cr.

This team-taught Thematic Unit prepares graduate students with a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of a variety of instructional design and delivery strategies. Through critical inquiry, students explore the organizational, academic, political, and social issues of curriculum and instruction. This Thematic Unit fosters and supports the concept of the teacher-reflective practitioner. Students are encouraged to link theory and practice through the relationship of projects and actual day-to-day classroom practice. The many facets of instructional design and delivery also invite and support development of students’ research assignments. Prerequisites: MEDU 761, MEDU 762, MEDU 763, MEDU 764.

MEDU 766 Teacher as Leader 6 cr.

What are the attributes of a teacher leader? What impact does adult development have on classroom teaching strategies? These two questions provide the overall focus for the Teacher as Leader Thematic Unit, which presents a variety of teacher leadership models as well as the theories related specifically to teachers and adult development. Students plan and implement specific projects in their own schools that relate to these two variables. In addition, students are required to research and write papers and to develop simulations to enhance their understanding of these theories and models. Prerequisites: MEDU 761, MEDU 762, MEDU 763, MEDU 764, MEDU 765.

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