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Family Resources

Many of you will bring your family with you to the U.S. It can be a very exciting time for a family. There are some resources available for families while in Indiana, Pa. We encourage all family members to purchase health insurance while here. Please contact our office for any additional questions you may have.

Check for more information on obtaining immigration documents for your dependents.

Health Care for Family Members

Please make sure to obtain health insurance for your family members coming to the U.S. Healthcare costs are very expensive, and even regular doctor’s visits must be paid for right away if you have no insurance. There are a few clinics that charge at a lower cost based on monthly income—but this is not guaranteed. See Health Insurance information.

Purchasing a Car

Families wanting to purchase a car will need a Pennsylvania license or ID. New students must wait at least two weeks from the start of the semester before going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to allow time for immigration record validation. We cannot validate immigration records before this time. Please plan accordingly. Families can use the local bus system, taxis, or rent a car with an international driver’s license.


IUP does not have on-campus housing for families. See off-campus housing options.

Dependents (Spouses)

Spouses are typically on F2 or J2 visas. F2 visa holders cannot work or study full-time, but may study English classes or take recreational classes as a non-degree student. F2 visa holders can obtain driver’s licenses while here, but cannot obtain Social Security numbers. If a spouse decides she or he woud like to study for a degree while in the U.S., a change of visa application can be filed with the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), or, if you plan to depart the U.S., a new F1 visa can be obtained outside of the U.S.

J2 visa holders can obtain a work permit if they can show that they are not working due to a financial hardship. They can also study full-time.

IUP has an English school called the American Language Institue. Students can enroll there or at ARIN, a free adult education center.

American Language Institute (ALI)
214 Eicher Hall, Indiana, PA 15705

ARIN - ESL/Adult Programs
300 Indian Springs Road, Indiana, PA 15701
724-463-5300. Ask for Sherree - ext. 2307

IUP Women’s Commission A to Z Resources (childcare, healthcare, and more)


If you bring your children with you to the U.S., you may wonder what services are available for them. There are no free babysitting or daycare services on campus for children, so make sure to look into these options if needed soon after arriving. See the resources listed below.

Children ages 5–18 can be enrolled in public schools here in Indiana. Please be sure to bring the English translation of the following documents for each child, or your child will have difficulty enrolling in school: Birth Certificate and Immunization records. Contact the Indiana Area School District Administration Office 724-463-8713 to find out which school your child can attend.

Below are a list of agencies for children:

Head Start of Indiana
Federally funded services for income eligible children (ages 3–5) and families
528 Gompers Ave., Indiana, PA 15701

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
Provides food and nutrition services to pregnant women and children under five. Apply at local office:
1099 Oak St., Indiana, PA 15701

Indiana County Child Care (Indi Kids)
The university child center oversees childcare centers at Davis Hall, which is located on the IUP campus. The center provides daily care and accepts both infants and toddlers. Call 724-349-1821 for current information (availability, cost, hours, etc).

Indiana County Child Care Choices
Gathers and disseminates information on child daycare services that exist in Indiana County. Information on rates, hours and days of operation, activities, and services provided are mailed upon request. They also provide funding through the Department of Public Welfare to subsidize the cost of childcare for families who meet certain eligibility requirements. For more information and to request a mailing, call 724-349-8830 or 1-800-327-3070.

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