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Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, PANick Marsellas

Year: Senior

Major: English

Activities outside of the writing center: I am president of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society.  With the help of previous and current members, Sigma Tau Delta has become a true society for the promotion of knowledge, service, and community. I was also the marketing coordinator of the Center for Community Growth, and I continue to volunteer with the group.

In addition to these activities, I have been an avid participant and site-leader for Dr. Finegan’s Alternative Spring Break program at Karme Choling in Barnet, VT.

Favorite quote about writing: “Aunty Roachy seh she no know weh mek dem no call di English language 'corruption' a di Norman French an di Greek an di Latin weh dem seh English 'derived from'. Unu hear di word? English 'derive' but Jamaica 'corrupt'. No, massa, notn no go so. We not 'corrupt' an dem 'derive.' We derive too. Jamaica derive."   — Louise Bennett

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