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Mark J. Piwinsky, Ph.D. in Political Science

Ohio State University

From his background as IUP’s chief information technology officer, Dr. Piwinsky brings extensive experience in technology planning, implementation, training, and financing. Success of this approach is evidenced by IUP’s recognition as one of the 25 “Most Wired” campuses in the nation and its cost-effective implementation of academic and administrative support systems. He participated in the development and coordination of the Advancing the Development of Educators in Pennsylvania to Teach with Technology grant, the NEDIC/CIMS emergency management systems grants, and the Preparing Teachers to Teach Using Technology grant, for which he was a co-recipient of the IUP Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Curriculum and Instruction. As an academic administrator, he served as vice provost for Administration and Technology at IUP and director of Analysis and Planning at Ohio State University. As a political scientist and academic administrator, his work also addresses the impact of communications on the political process, public policy, and public opinion and on research methods. Dr. Piwinsky is currently chair of the Department of Communications Media.

Luis C. Almeida, Ph.D. in Instructional Systems

Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Almeida has presented extensively at academic conferences in the areas of systemic change, one-to-one computing, gaming, and user-design. He has served as an elected board member at the Systemic Change division at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) for two years and is currently in his first year as the elected communications officer at the Minorities in Media division at AECT. He is also the appointed conference evaluator for the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference. He has served for two years as an invited judge for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition and one year at the IU1 Regional Computer Fair. He has been a consulting editor for Educational Technology Research and Development for three years. He has helped the Journal of Education Computing Research in the capacity of consulting editor for two years. He has published articles in the prestigious British Journal of Education Technology, Tech Trends, and for the Digital Games Research Association (forthcoming). Dr. Almeida's research interests include computers in the classroom, game-based learning, global advertising, and user design. His teaching interests include technology teacher training, culture and cyberspace, computers as a learning tool, instructional systems design, multimedia design, creativity theory, and research methods.

George D. Konetes, Ph.D., Communications Media and Instructional Technology

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

With an extensive educational and professional background in the field of communications media, his major focus is to facilitate understanding through communication. Mr. Konetes works to do this between a client and their audience, between a professor and their students, between a brand and its consumers, between a preacher and their congregation, and between research and everyone whom it potentially impacts. As advisory board member, Mr. Konetes provides insights and guidance to the research group on incidental learning and online learning in virtual worlds.

Chad Sherman, M.A., Adult Education and Communications Technology

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Mr. Sherman is an assistant professor of Communication at Waynesburg University His work and educational experience has centered around digital media production, with specialties as web programming and design, game programming, digital photography, and interactive design.

Soundararajan Ezekiel, Ph.D. Mathematics

University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Ezekiel is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His main research interests are in image processing, signal processing, medical imaging, fractal analysis, artificial intelligence and mathematical finance, and applications of wavelet and fractal image and signal processing to any problems in engineering or medicine.

Andrew W. Gillham, M.F.A in Graphic Design

Michigan State University

Mr. Gillham has nearly 20 years of experience both teaching graphic design and working as a professional artist in the commercial design field. Mr. Gillham served as a designer in the design industry in Detroit prior to returning to graduate school and has run his own freelance design business since 1988. Gillham’s work experience includes clients such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, NAPA Auto, aerospace companies, real estate firms, and Air Force Special Operations Command, as well as a variety of other commercial and military clients.

Mr. Gillham is currently an associate professor in Graphic Design and chair of the Department of Art. His teaching philosophy states that excellent graphic design instruction prepares students to be successful in the commercial arena. A careful balance is struck between focusing on software programs and the principles of design, typography, and other critical aspects to the discipline. Students’ experience with these core areas allow them to move beyond entry-level positions and become upwardly mobile in their chosen field.

Jason S. Chimonides, M.F.A in Theater Directing

Florida State University

A self-described “non-denominational creative artist,” Mr. Chimonides holds both a B.A in Drama and an M.F.A in Theater Directing from Florida State University. He has taught performance, directing, interdisciplinary creativity, drama appreciation, and playwriting at IUP, Florida State University, Brooklyn College, Pace University, Farleigh Dickenson University, and Firespark! Arts Camp, as well as the Alliance Theatre Acting Program.

In 2010, Mr. Chimonides was awarded a Teaching Excellence Award for his approach to the large course sections of Introduction to Theater.

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