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M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education: 36 cr

Core Courses (6 cr)
Course Name
HPED 634 Current Literature in Health Fitness and Sport 3 cr
HPED 640 Research Methods for Health, Sport, and Physical Activity 3 cr
Required Courses (27 cr)
Course Name
HPED 526 Health Science Instruction 3 cr
HPED 631 Motor Learning 3 cr
HPED 632 Assessment of Human Physiological Functions 3 cr
HPED 645 Advanced Teaching Techniques in Physical Education 3 cr
HPED 655 Health and Fitness for Elementary Children 3 cr
HPED 670 Advanced Seminar in Adapted Physical Education 3 cr
HPED 680 Seminar 3 cr
COMM 600 Instructional Design and Youth 3 cr
COMM 614 Instructional Design and Development 3 cr
or (as approved by the M.Ed. coordinator)  
EDEX 560 Family Perspective on Disability 3 cr
EDEX 650 Exceptional Children and Youth 3 cr
Elective Courses: choose one (3 cr)
Course Name
HPED 512 Physical Activity and Stress Management 3 cr
HPED 550 Curriculum and Programming in Sexuality Education 3 cr 
HPED 650 Wellness: A Classroom Approach 3 cr 
HPED 658 Emergency Management for Schools 3 cr 
HPED 672 Epidemiology of Physical Activity 3 cr 
HPED 681 Special Topics 3 cr 
HPED 698 Internship 3 cr 

Professional Practice (6-12 credits)

Student Teaching Experience

  • Non-certified students must complete both elementary and secondary student teaching for a total of 12 credits.
  • Students certified as secondary teachers must complete 6 credits of elementary student teaching.
  • Students certified as elementary teachers must complete 6 credits in secondary student teaching.

Internship Experience

  • Students certified K-12 in another content area must complete a 3 credit internship in a school-based setting

The content and field experiences included in the M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education program are based on the national standards of the American Association for Health Education and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

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  • Office Hours
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