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2008-2009 Academic Year

August 28, 2008Document icon
Highlights: Committee reappointments, LBST 499 Puppetry and Masks: Signs of Life, THTR 132, LS revision update
September 4, 2008Document icon
Highlights: B.G. Wilson Type I WI, BS Biochemistry, BSED Chemistry, BS Chemistry/Pre-Med, BS Chemistry, BA Chemistry
September 18, 2008Document icon
Highlights: ART 481 to count as LBST 499, Type I WI for Lea Masiello
October 2, 2008Document icon
Highlights: LS Revision budget analysis, LBST 499 Climbing Your Family Tree, EDUC 441/LBST 499 substution
October 9, 2008Document icon
Highlights: Dr. Tiger Roholt Type I WI, GEOG 254, BA Geography
October 23, 2008Document icon
Highlights: BTST 342 Intercultural Business Communication, Liberal Studies Revision Town Meeting
October 30, 2008Document icon
Highlights: LBST 499 Toxic Science Proposal Reviewed
November 20, 2008Document icon
Highlights: Approved Toxic Tales, reviewed ENGL 122, Approved faculty to teach Disabilities in Film and Media, One time approval faculty approval to teach Values and Education
January 22, 2009Document icon
Highlights: Approved PHIL 360, update on Liberal Studies Revision
February 12, 2009Document icon
The Atomic Bomb and Its Impact, BS Spanish Education K-12, update on LS Revision proposal, University Assessment Committee
February 19, 2009Document icon
Highlights: Approval given for the LBST 499 proposal "Defining Humanness" by Beverly Chiarulli, and the proposed changes to Liberal Studies Elective BTED/COSC/IFMG 101
March 12, 2009Document icon
Highlights: ENGL 281 Tupac Shakur, Hero with an African Face; LBST 499 The Global Village: People, Planet and Profits; BA Arts English-Film Studies, Language Studies, Literary, Textual, and Cultural Studies, Writing Studies; ENGL 122 Introduction to English Studies; Update of LS Revision Proposal
March 19, 2009Document icon
Highlights: LS Revision Proposal
March 26, 2009Document icon
The final version of the LS revision proposal was presented and approved.
April 9, 2009Document icon
The Liberal Studies revision proposal advanced to Senate.  The Liberal Studies portion of the BS Physical Education and Sport-Exercise Science program was approved.
April 17, 2009Document icon
Approved change to add SOC 337 to LSE for the BS in Ed. - Social Studies Education/Economics Track program
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