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FAQs for the DEd in School Psychology

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Can the GRE test scores be waived for admission?

No. We do not waive our requirement for the GREs. However, if you have taken the GREs within 10 years of applying to the doctoral program, you can use those scores.

Is the GRE Psychology subject test required before being admitted?

No. We do not require the GRE Psychology subtest.

How heavily are formal test scores, including results of the GREs and the Praxis (NCSP) test, weighed in the overall acceptance criteria?

Historically, we have accepted students who have fairly wide-ranging GRE scores. We are discouraged by the Graduate School from accepting applicants who have very poor GRE scores (e.g., below 400 on one of the tests), but we do not encounter this problem regularly, as most of our applicants do well on these tests. The department has found that students who attain a combined score of 900 on their GREs are successful in the program. We will accept a copy of your GRE scores if they are original GRE score reports and not a transcription. GRE scores must be no more than 10 years old. Praxis (NCSP) test scores are not required for admission, but they are required for certification as a school psychologist. Our students do take the Praxis test after taking their specialist comprehensive exams and before finishing their specialist internship. Our program has a proven track record of producing certified school psychologists, as all of our students have passed the Praxis.

What are the minimum requirements for the TOEFL?

The graduate school requires a minimum score of 500 on the TOEFL.

Are interviews required for admission?

Yes, after receiving all application materials, the program committee will select applicants for interviews.

When is the application deadline for admission?

February 1

Approximately when does the committee notify individuals of their acceptance or non-acceptance?

Students are usually notified around April 1.

How competitive is it to get into the program?

We accept about 50 percent of applicants to our doctoral program. However, in any given year the percentage may be much higher or lower, depending on the qualifications of the applicant pool.

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