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Dr. Katalin Komjati

Dr. Kati Komjati

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M.D. - Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest, Hungary
Ph.D. (medical physiology) - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Graduate and Postgraduate Instructional Trips

HUMSIRC - Aachen Medical University, Cardiology - Germany (graduate trip)
Postdoctoral Research Associate - University of Pennsylvania, Cerebrovascular Research Center, Philadelphia, USA (postgraduate trip)

Post Graduate Training and Fellowship Appointments

Ph.D. Fellowship - Hungarian Academy of Science at Semmelweis University of Medicine, Experimental Research Department and Second Institute of Physiology
NATO/Royal Society Fellowship - Wellcome Surgical Institute and Hugh Fraser Neuroscience Lab, University of Glasgow
NATO Fellowship - Pharmacologist at Inotek Corporation, Beverly Massachusetts, USA
Post Doctoral Research Associate - University of Pennsylvania, Cerebrovascular Research Center, Philadelphia, USA 


Human physiology


BIOL 150 Human Physiology
BIOL 151 Human Anatomy
BIOL 155 Human Physiology & Anatomy


Human diseases, treatment, and therapy


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