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Proposals: Women's and Gender Studies

WMST 200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, approved 4-28-15Document icon
14-145b course title change, catalog description change, (was Introduction to Women's Studies) UWUCC App-4/14/15, Senate App-4/28/15
WMST 200 Introduction to Women's Studies, distance education, Info 9-8-15Document icon
14-16 distance education, UWUCC AP-9/24/13, Senate Info-9/8/15
WMST 200 Introduction to Women's Studies, approved 11-5-13Document icon
13-53 course revision, catalog description change, LSC AP-9/19/13, UWUCC App-10/15/13, Senate App-11/5/13
WS 200 Introduction to Women's StudiesDocument icon
89-24b new course
WMST 301 Asian American and Asian Diasporic Women's Literature, approved 4-28-14Document icon
14-145c new course, LSC App-4/9/15, UWUCC AP-4/14/15, Senate App-4/28/15
WGST 400 Feminist Theories, approved 4-28-15Document icon
WMST 400 Feminist TheoryDocument icon
04-60 new course, UWUCC App-4/12/05, Senate App-4/26/05
WMST 430 Gender, Sexuality, and Sport: A Feminist Perspective, approved 4-28-15Document icon
14-145h course deletion, UWUCC AP-4/14/15, Senate App-4/28/15
XX281 Special Topics (Lower-Division)Document icon
90-35 Generic course number, approved-2/26/91
Minor in Women's and Gender Studies, approved 4-28-15Document icon
Women's Studies Minor, approved 12-6-05Document icon
05-23 program revision, UWUCC App-11/15/05, Senate App-12/6/05
Women's Studies Minor, approved 4-27-04Document icon
03-44 program revision, UWUCC App-4/6/04, Senate App-4/27/04
Women's Studies Minor, approved 11-5-96Document icon
96-13  program revision, UWUCC App-10/15/96, Senate App-11/5/96
Women's Studies Minor (from 1989 archives)Document icon
89-24 new program
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