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Harrisburg Program FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Harrisburg program and learning experience:

Where is the program offered?

IUP’s ALS Ph.D. Program at Harrisburg is offered at the Dixon University Center, 2986 North Second Street, located in an easily accessible and very picturesque setting along the Susquehanna River between Front and North Second streets. Free parking is available near the building where classes are offered, including an underground parking garage.

The ALS-Dixon University Center program offices are in Richards Hall, on the third floor, and include the ALS leadership library book collection and computers for student use. A full-time administrative support staff member is based at this office, providing students with assistance with program logistics, including liaison with offices at IUP.

Who teaches the classes in Harrisburg?

Classes are primarily taught by IUP faculty members who travel to the Dixon University Center, as well as faculty members from other universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Who will be my academic advisor?

Early in the program, John A. Anderson, Ph.D., the ALS program coordinator, serves as a faculty mentor to provide guidance and support. Later, students choose members of their dissertation committees, including a chair, who will become their advisor. The IUP policy is that the advisor/chair of the committee must be an IUP faculty member—however, the other committee members may be faculty members who have taught in the program from other universities.

How are electives made available in Harrisburg?

Selection of courses to be offered as electives in Harrisburg is made on the basis of student interest. A field experience or independent study may be used as an elective course. Students can also transfer in up to six credits of graduate coursework taken within the past five years, given approval by the program coordinator and by the Graduate School.

Do Harrisburg students have access to library resources?

Students are issued I-cards (IUP student identification cards) and have Internet access to the online resources of the IUP library as well as being able to obtain books via mail and interlibrary loan. They are also able to utilize all resources of the Keystone Library Network. A small book collection is available in the Resource Room at our office at the Dixon University Center, with volumes focused on leadership, administration, and research methods.

What is the relationship between the Harrisburg ALS program and the main campus?

Harrisburg students are invited to workshops for ALS students at the main campus. We hold other workshops and seminars for all of the students from both sites that are variously held in Indiana and in Harrisburg. In addition, students at both sites have the option of taking courses at either site.

  • Administration and Leadership Studies Program
  • McElhaney Hall, Room 102
    441 North Walk
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-2956
  • Fax: 724-357-4842
  • ALS Program Office Hours
  • Monday through Wednesday
  • 8:00 a.m. - 3:-00 p.m.