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Strategic Planning, Next Steps

Strategic planning is a continuous process that does not end at the development of the plan. Rather, that is the beginning of the process.

Those units and individuals responsible for the achievement of key strategies in the 2007–2012 plan will be engaged in the process of further developing the necessary components to implement the plan. They will identify specific actions to implement the strategies, timeframes for implementation, resources needed for implementation, and measures of achievement.

Attached to the strategic plan are the following appendices, which may be obtained by contacting the Office of Planning and Assessment:

  1. Committee Membership
  2. Overview of Planning Process
  3. Actions/Outcomes Report
  4. Middle States Report

The Actions/Outcomes report (Appendix C) is an Excel spreadsheet that contains tabs for each of the 8 strategic areas. In each tab, the strategic goals are outlined, along with the strategies and actions to achieve the goals.

The tabs also include columns for the responsible entities, desired timeline, and measurement for each of the actions. These columns will allow the responsible units and individuals to monitor progress in implementing the plan and to facilitate communication and dissemination of information among those implementing the plan. If there are any resources that are needed to achieve the overall goal, then this can be stated in the resource column in each of the tabs of the Excel spreadsheet. The measurement column will ensure that there are identified mechanisms to evaluate achievement of the actions.

A project resource disc containing all of the information developed from the strategic planning process will be provided to the university. The disc will contain the following information:

  • Strategic plan report, including all of the appendices
  • Strategic plan executive summary
  • SCOT (strengths, challenges, opportunities, and threats) analysis
  • Common themes from key stakeholder interviews
  • Discussion group summary and observations report
  • Summary reports from each discussion group session

The documents contained on the project resource disc can be used by those entities responsible for further implementation of the IUP strategic plan to help them develop actions and measures for the achievement of strategies.

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