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CMS Editor: The Basics

Whenever you add or edit Web content, you will use the Ektron CMS web editing program. This web-based editing tool has many of the same features as traditional word-processing programs.

Using the CMS editor, you can:

  • Add, edit, and delete text
  • Add images and/or links to your content
  • Add numbered or bulleted lists
  • And much more

The CMS editor does not require installation. It works right through your Web browser. Just log in and go.

Open an Item for Editing

To edit an existing content item, either:

  • The Edit buttonin the workarea, click on the item once, and then click the Edit button;
  • in the staging Web browser (not in preview mode), right-click within the green box surrounding the content and choose Edit.

The workarea editing window will appear. (For quick edits to correct misspellings or punctuation, it is also possible to edit in context.)

Options and Toolbar in the CMS Web Editor

After opening existing content, or when making new content, the CMS editing window will open fully (you will not see the folders when editing).

There are three buttons at the top that you can use (the other two buttons are not much use and should be avoided):

  • Undo Checkout: Did the page get totally messed up and you want to start over? Did you realize you're working on the wrong piece of content? Using Undo Checkout will erase all of your edits and restore the content to where it was just before you opened it for editing.
  • Check In: This saves your work and checks the content back in for later work by you or another of your site's web maintainers.
  • Submit: This saves your work and submits it into workflow for publishing. Content submitted by 2:00 p.m. is guaranteed to be published and live by the next morning.

First view of the editing window

To edit, click within the pale box under the Content tab. This is the content field.

The formatting toolbar will appear (see below). The toolbar has three tabs: Format, Insert, and Review.

Options on the Format tab

Format tab

On the left are buttons for bold, italic, superscript, and subscript.

Next are two buttons: one for hyperlinks, and one for formatting abbreviations (not used).

List optionsThe next buttons are for ordered and unordered lists. When one of these is selected, two more buttons appear (right). The left button indents sections of the ordered list to create a nested list. The right button undoes the indentation.

Heading optionsThe four large buttons are the top row of a drop-down list of headings. Headings are for section titles, not for whole paragraphs. Please use them in consecutive order for subheadings: Heading 2, followed by Heading 3, etc. Choosing headings for their function, not for their appearance, helps ensure your website meets accessibility requirements.

Note: Three of these buttons are not to be used. Heading 1 is only used once on a webpage, and the page title automatically uses it. Always start with heading 2.

The other choices—span and pre—currently have no function, so please do not use them.

To remove formatting on text: Highlight the text, then choose either “Paragraph” or “Remove Formatting” from the heading menu.

Insert tab

Options on the Insert tabOptions here include inserting a quicklink, a table, a hyperlink, a bookmark, and special characters.

Review tab

This tab has options for validating accessibility content, opening the Inspector, and viewing the code. Only the Inspector is currently used on this tab. (The Inspector is also opened by clicking the black box in the upper right of the editing window.)


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