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Find Content in the Workarea

If you are searching for content in the Workarea but are not able to find it, there are a few points that may help. In addition, there is a quick trick for finding content.

Use the Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs trail at the top of every webpage is a great way to start. The sections of the breadcrumb trail will usually match the folders in the CMS workarea. For example, the breadcrumbs at the top of this webpage show that this page is located within the Basic Editing folder, which is in the How To folder of the Web Team’s site.

Alphabetical Order

Content in the Workarea of the CMS is stored in alphabetically ordered folders that contain similarly ordered subfolders. The structure of these folders was created when the site was originally loaded into the CMS. This was a few years ago, so the names of some programs and departments and their corresponding folder names have changed. However, the content must remain in the folder it was originally placed in at the time the new system was created.

Where Is My Content?

alphabetical order example

Because folder names are updated but must remain in their original folder, your area’s content may not be stored where you would expect it. As shown in the example at the right, you might look for “Employee and Labor Relations” under “E,” but it will be found under “I” because, at the time the folder was created, it was called “Industrial and Labor Relations.”

If you cannot locate your content, there is a quick trick to finding it in the CMS.

Quick Trick for Finding Content in the Workarea


Sometimes you will have content to edit, or to which you want to quicklink, but won’t know where it is in the CMS. There is a trick to finding it.

When you are logged in to Staging, but are out of preview mode in the browser (meaning when you hover your mouse you will see the green, yellow, or red outlines surrounding content blocks), hover your mouse over the content you need to edit. Right-click and select “Properties.” This will open the Workarea to the Properties tab of that content block. Toward the bottom of the Properties tab is a line labeled “Path.” This shows the folder location of the content item. You can also look at the left side of the Workarea to see in which folder the content is located


An underscore at the beginning of a folder name serves two functions. First, it brings that subfolder to the top of the list in its main folder. Second, it signifies that that folder is not a standard part of your site. It may mean that the section is not necessarily part of your site, but you have access to edit it. It can also mean that the content/site is located in the upper structure of the main site navigation. If you think a folder needs an underscore, please contact the Web Team first to discuss it.

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