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Guide to the New Web Editor

While most functions of the new web editor are easy to figure out, there are some differences between it and the previous editing system.

The differences in the new web editor are apparent as soon as the Workarea is opened, or when content is open for editing.

Applying Styles:

Old: Before, applying styles such as Introduction was done through the drop-down box at the top left of the toolbar.

Inspector iconNew: One of the biggest changes in the Aloha editor is the Inspector, located by clicking the small arrow in the black box at the upper right of the Workarea.

Styles in the InspectorTo apply styles such as Introduction or indentation, place your cursor anywhere within the first paragraph, then click the Inspector arrow. A menu will slide out. Click on the appropriate style to apply it to the selected text. (The type of options displayed in the Inspector is shown by the Elements title at top. “Element: P” is for paragraphs. “Element: IMG” is for photos and other images.)

Remember, there should be no extra spaces after the final punctuation in the selected paragraph. Remove them before highlighting the text. Always select the entire paragraph—styles cannot be applied to portions of paragraphs, only the entire block of text.

Note: The Inspector menu can be opened before or after selecting the text. Keep in mind, though, that an open Inspector menu will lay on top of any library windows that are opened, such as a library of quicklinks. This may block the view of the X in the corner of the library window. In this case, just click the Inspector arrow again to close its menu.

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Other Notes

  • Photo aligning must be done through the Inspector. (see Images below)
  • Photos cannot be moved within content by clicking and dragging. Instead, click once on the image to select it, choose Cut, then place your cursor in the proper location and choose Paste. (The photo will need to be aligned again.)
  • To apply styles or headings, just place the cursor within the appropriate paragraph. Highlighting the entire text is no longer needed.
  • You’ll find that the dropdown Insert Symbol chart is much easier to navigate (located under the Insert tab).
  • The Paste Text option is no longer used. Pasting straight from MS Word documents is allowed, as the web editor strips out most formatting that it we don not use.

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Selecting the Library icon (Library icon) in Aloha opens a new quicklink window within the Workarea. See  How to Link to Other IUP Web Content (Quicklink).

When creating a hyperlink (linking to content outside of the IUP website), highlight the text to be linked and click the Insert Link icon (icon: insert hyperlink).

E-mail Addresses: E-mail addresses do not automatically become active when they are typed. You will need to highlight the e-mail address and copy it, click the Insert Link icon, replace "http://" with "mailto:" (without the quotes), then paste the address. be sure no spaces are included. Sample code:

e-mail link box

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Inserting an image starts off the same, by placing your cursor at the beginning of a paragraph, usually the first paragraph on the page. Click the library icon (Library icon), and double-click the image to insert it on the page. 

New: Aligning the Image

Start by clicking the Inspector arrow, located by clicking the small arrow in the black box at the upper right of the Workarea. A menu will slide out.

To align the image, click it once to select it. (If the styles are still showing, click the image again until the Image elements appear.) At the bottom of the Inspector, choose left- or right-aligned image under “Style Selector.” Then click the image once more to automatically fill in the Class.

The height and width will automatically be filled in. (Do not change these numbers. Remember that all images must be resized before uploading into Ektron, not from within Ektron.)

Edit the title and alt fields so that they describe the image (these descriptions should match). This is required for accessibility reasons—these descriptions will be read aloud by the computer for people who use screen readers. 

For more information, see How to Work With Images.

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