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Request to Work From Home

Business Practice Guidelines and Instructions


The intent of the working from home business practice is to provide managers who are on an approved leave of absence with the opportunity to work from home on assignments specifically identified between the supervisor and the manager.


A manager is eligible provided he/she has satisfactorily completed the probationary period, has presently satisfactory performance, has the ability to work without direct supervision, and has no present attendance problems.


  1. All leaves of absence must be discussed and approved through the Office of Human Resources before a working from home arrangement is proposed.
  2. In order for a leave of absence to be approved, the manager must submit a Request for Extended, Intermittent, or Reduced Time leave form, doctor’s certificate which provides prognosis, start date of leave, and expected date of return to work.
  3. If the manager is on an approved medical leave, the treating physician must provide certification that the manager is able to perform the duties at home.


The manager agrees that work done at the manager’s home worksite is regarded as official university business. All records, documents, and correspondence, in written or electronic form, must be safeguarded for return to the university. Electronic/computer files are considered university records and shall be protected as such. Any sensitive data stored on individual-use electronic devices and media shall be removed when the working from home arrangement ceases.

Work Standards/Performance:

The manager will:

  1. Comply with all federal and state laws and applicable university policies and procedures when working from home;
  2. Be available to his/her supervisor to receive assignments with agreed-upon work hours; discuss how routine communication between the manager, supervisor, coworkers, and customers will be handled; and to review completed work as the supervisor deems necessary;
  3. Complete all assigned work according to work procedures mutually agreed upon by the manager and the supervisor and according to guidelines and expectations stated in the manager’s performance plan; and
  4. Notify the supervisor immediately of any situation that interferes with his/her ability to perform the job.

Hours of Work/Compensation/Benefits – Responsibilities:

The manager:

  1. Agrees to apply themself to his/her work fully during the agreed upon assigned work hours and to maintain at least the current productivity and quality levels at the home work location;
  2. Must provide the supervisor with a biweekly timesheet recording days and hours worked and work performed each day.

The supervisor:

  1. Agrees that procedures are in place to document the work hours of the manager while working at the home work location and to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act;
  2. Agrees to monitor the quality of work performed; and
  3. Agrees to sign and send the manager timesheet to Payroll Services on Friday of pay week.


The manager:

  1. Understands that he/she will remain covered by the Commonwealth’s Workers’ Compensation Program;
  2. Agrees to maintain the designated workspace at home in a safe condition; and
  3. Agrees to bring to the immediate attention of his/her supervisor any accident or injury occurring at the home work location.


The manager provided with university equipment:

  1. Agrees that he/she is responsible for service and maintenance of his/her own equipment;
  2. Agrees that the university assumes no liability or responsibility for operating costs, home maintenance, or any other incidental costs (e.g., utilities) associated with the use of the manager’s residence; and
  3. Agrees to obtain approval from his/her supervisor prior to purchasing any item (out-of-pocket expenses) for use at the home work location.

Termination of Plan:

The working from home arrangement may be terminated at will by the manager or the university. Notification of such termination must be provided to the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Payroll Services.


The manager requesting to work from home must complete and sign the Request Form for a Manager to Work From Home While on an Approved Leave of Absence and give to his/her supervisor to be approved by the supervisor, division vice president, and the director of Human Resources. These forms can be obtained from the Office of Human Resources in G-8 Sutton Hall.