State Workers’ Insurance Fund

  • The underlying goals of any business are to provide revenue sustaining products or services along with safe and rewarding employment opportunities for workers. SWIF and the Pennsylvania OSHA Consultation Program can assist you with improving workplace safety and lowering your workers’ compensation costs.

    worker drillingIn turn, your business can focus on meeting your goals and increased profitability that can be returned to your business. Your costs for workers compensation insurance are negatively impacting these goals. As a result, you, your workers, your business, and its profits are at risk. To assist in managing your costs, reducing your injury potential, and increasing OSHA compliance, SWIF policyholders are exclusively being offered an exciting free service.

    You may be aware that, under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, OSHA is required to provide consultation services to small business. OSHA Consultation throughout the U.S. is designed to assist employers with:

    1. Complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
    2. Preventing needless occupational injuries, illnesses, disabilities and deaths
    3. Preserving worker and family livelihoods
    4. Minimizing property damage and costs
    5. Avoiding OSHA penalties, fines and criminal prosecutions
    6. Reducing workers compensation costs and third party liability exposures and
    7. Attaining and sustaining economic business viability

    The Pennsylvania OSHA Consultation Program, based at Indiana University of PA (IUP) has been successfully assisting small employers throughout Pennsylvania since 1983. The PA OSHA Consultation Program is vastly different than OSHA Enforcement in many ways.

    • First: Citations for violations are not issued and penalties for violations are not imposed by OSHA Consultation personnel.
    • Second: PA OSHA Consultation must maintain total employer confidentiality. By law, OSHA Consultation personnel cannot divulge any information to OSHA Enforcement personnel or to lawyers pursuing liability cases.
    • Third: A request for consultation services will not trigger an OSHA inspection. If anything, clients who have used these services historically have claimed they have avoided OSHA inspections.
    • Most important: while engaged with PA OSHA Consultation, your organization will actually be protected from OSHA Enforcement activity. Thus, general scheduled inspections are prohibited from being performed by OSHA Enforcement during this time period.

    PA OSHA Consultation personnel are strategically located throughout Pennsylvania and are highly experienced board certified safety and health professionals. They will assist you with free:

    • Physical workplace regulatory compliance hazard evaluations
    • Occupational health exposure monitoring
    • Regulatory required program assessment and development assistance
    • Regulatory required training
    • Post OSHA inspection compliance assistance
    • Safety and health management program development assistance . . . which could lead to long-term OSHA Enforcement inspection deferrals

    PA SWIF is urging that you take advantage of these free services. A representative from PA OSHA Consultation will be contacting you shortly to discuss how and when we can assist your organization. However, if you would like to contact us in advance and make a request before we call, we can be reached at 800-382-1241.