Employer Benefits and Services

  • OSHA Consultation Video

    In this video, small businesses talk about the benefits of their state's OSHA consultation service. 9:06, 31.9 MB

    Small businesses talk about the benefits of their state’s OSHA consultation service.


    Employers who request service through the Consultation Program receive several benefits, many of which are summarized below. Specifically employers can

    • Obtain high-quality safety and industrial hygiene services, on site, for free
    • Eliminate workplace hazards and achieve compliance with OSHA standards
    • Avoid OSHA citations and penalties
    • Strengthen their safety and health programs
    • Reduce workplace injuries and illnesses
    • Reduce workers’ compensation costs
    • Qualify for deferral or exemption from programmed OSHA inspections


    The services provided by the PA/OSHA Consultation Program include

    • Industrial hygiene sampling
    • Safety surveys
    • Program evaluations
    • Inspection deferrals
    • Correction assistance
    • On-site training
    • SHARP program
    • Off-site technical assistance