IUP English Portfolio Checklist

  • Please check off each step below when you have completed it, and include this sheet in your portfolio.

    (See Instructions for Assembling and Submitting Your Portfolio.)

    1. [    ] Assemble the pieces of writing you need:

    a. [    ] Reflective letter

    Three of the following four items
    [    ]  Explanatory or persuasive or exploratory essay
    [    ]  Response to text essay
    [    ]  Personal narrative
    [    ]  Writer’s choice piece

    b. [    ]  Rough draft for at least one piece of writing included in the portfolio.

    [    ]  No grades or comments on any documents except on rough drafts

    [    ]  Maximum of 20 pages double-spaced, twelve-point type (excluding drafts)

    2. [    ] Fill in the top two-thirds of the English Portfolio Information Form, and enter the postmark deadline in the blank under “To the teacher.” (See Postmark Deadline Chart.) Please print neatly.

    3. [    ] Put everything into a 10-by-13-inch envelope and address it to Writing Portfolio Program, Department of English, 110 Leonard Hall, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA 15705. Remember to write your name and address as the return address.

    4. [    ] Weigh the portfolio and envelope on a postage scale, and put the proper postage on the envelope.

    5. [    ]  Include this completed checklist in your portfolio. 

    6. [    ] Give the information form (with teacher letter on back), portfolio, and stamped, addressed envelope to the teacher most familiar with your writing (i.e. the supervising teacher). Be sure to draw his/her attention to the postmark deadline.