Honors College English Portfolio

  • Portfolios are no longer being accepted for Fall 2015 admits.

    One component of the Orientation program is placement testing to ensure that you register for the appropriate level courses. As an Honors College student, you will take two of your Liberal Studies English courses as a part of the Honors Core. Therefore, rather than assess you by a placement exam at Orientation, your Honors Core instructor will be assessing your writing through a portfolio review in your first core class.

    In preparation for this review, please bring with you to placement testing a strong set of your writing. You might want to include a range of writing to demonstrate a variety of skills. This might include personal narratives, research essays, persuasive or argumentative writing, and informal writing, such as writing for a journal. You may use pieces that have been written for classes other than English. Please include draft materials when possible. Be sure your name is on all material, and the writing is contained in a folder or large envelope that is clearly marked with your name. Do not bring originals, as they will not be returned. If you do not bring a portfolio, you will automatically be registered for the English placement test. As an Honors College student, your portfolio contents are of your choosing. To provide some guidance, you may review the requirements for non-Honors College IUP freshmen portfolios. (Note: These are not requirements, merely guidelines). As well, please be aware that portfolio submissions are not returned to you, so retain copies.