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    A significant portion of IUP Orientation is geared toward having students (and Orientation advisors) be aware of the best levels of selected courses in which the students should enroll. Not every student takes every placement test. Each student is assigned placement test(s) depending on his/her intended major. 

    Placement testing was initiated by IUP after determining that students’ prior experience, SATs, and self-report were not adequate course-selection measures, and that poor performance was the outcome of such selection methods. While not perfect, placement testing did result in a decrease in the courses not successfully completed. Test results do affect course placements and registration. Students are expected to abide by their English and mathematics placement results.  If a student has taken the Spanish exam and decides to continue with Spanish, or continues with French or German after placement, the placement results must be followed. Music majors/minors will be informed how to use their results at advising. Students majoring in Education will be expected to follow the plan of preparation outlined in their results letter received at orientation advising.