• Business Marketing Classroom

    A significant portion of IUP Orientation is geared toward having students (and Orientation advisors) be aware of the best levels of selected courses in which the students should enroll. Not every student takes every placement test. Each student is assigned placement test(s) depending on his/her intended major. 

    Placement testing was initiated by IUP after determining that students’ prior experience, SATs, and self-report were not adequate course-selection measures, and that poor performance was the outcome of such selection methods. While not perfect, placement testing did result in a decrease in the courses not successfully completed. Test results do affect course placements and registration. Students are expected to abide by their English and mathematics placement results.  If a student has taken the Spanish exam and decides to continue with Spanish, or continues with French or German after placement, the placement results must be followed. Music majors/minors will be informed how to use their results at advising. Students majoring in Education will be expected to follow the plan of preparation outlined in their results letter received at orientation advising.

    The placement testing link will appear on your MyIUP homepage 24 hours after you sign up for orientation and then you can proceed with the testing.

  • English
    An essay test is taken during Orientation to determine which English course best suits a student's ability. (A portfolio option is sometimes available.) Note: Honors College Students only - No portfolio or essay, as writing is assessed in Core I.
    Mathematics will provide information about algebra skills and determine placement in math courses. All first-year students and some transfer students must take this exam. The mathematics exam is a nationally standardized, computer-based examination.
    Reading Placement Test
    Reading provides students and advisors with information as to the student’s reading level compared with that of other entering college freshmen and determines if the student requires a preparation level reading course. All first-year students must take this exam. The reading exam is a nationally standardized, computer-based examination.
    Spanish Placement Exam
    Spanish is taken by all students who had this language for more than one year during the last two years of high school. Majors in the colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences or Natural Sciences and Mathematics—as well as Hospitality Management, English Education, and International Business majors—who have taken Spanish in high school take the Spanish exam.
    French Placement Exam
    Instructions for taking the WebCape French Placement Exam. These test results indicate to the student what level language course to register for, should a foreign language be necessary for their major.
    Education Readiness Exam
    The Education Readiness Exam is taken by all Education majors and allows the College of Education and Educational Technology to inform students as to how best to prepare for the Praxis I.
    Advance Placement Equivalency Chart
    This chart will help you understand what your AP Credits will transfer as to IUP.          
    CLEP Exam Equivalency Chart
    This chart provides a listing of the CLEP Equivalency at IUP.
    International Baccalaureate (IB) Equivalency Chart
    This chart will help you understand what your IB Credits will transfer as to IUP.
    Spanish Ace Credit Procedure
    Procedure for Applying for ACTFL OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) and ACE (American Council on Education) Credit Recommendation.