Northpointe Orientation

  • You’ve been accepted to Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) — Congratulations!

    The next step on your road to becoming an IUP student is Orientation! It is through Orientation ONLY that you take your placement tests, are advised, and register for your spring classes. In addition, you begin to learn the procedures, benefits, and resources available to you as an IUP student!

    The document IUP Orientation Process 2016 outlines the steps you will take to register for Orientation. Please read the entire process, be sure that you understand the steps, and then go to the online registration, as described in step 6 of IUP Orientation Process 2016. Remember that Orientation sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so read and register NOW! After registering for Orientation, spend time reviewing the required placement tests.

    IUP is committed to serving students with disabilities. Access and accommodations provided during Orientation are separate from those provided when you are a student. Thus, if you have a disability, in addition to indicating needs on the Orientation enrollment form, complete and return the Declaration of Disability form.

    We look forward to receiving your Orientation enrollment form and sending you further information. In the meantime, please review the Orientation website for further information about the Orientation program. Also, please share this letter with parents/family members and/or significant others assisting you in college planning, so that they are aware of IUP Orientation and the information that we have provided to you herein.

    Continue to do well academically and fully enjoy your senior year. See you at Orientation!