Dear Adviser Letter

  • When you come to IUP for your Orientation, you will be advised by a representative of your department or college who has been trained to help you with the specific tasks of the first scheduling process.

    You will also learn how to find out the name of your first semester faculty adviser.

    The advising relationship is very important to both your future academic and career plans. Before your first semester meeting with your faculty adviser, we will send your assigned departmental adviser (or your campus dean, or student services director, if you are attending the IUP at Northpointe or IUP at Punxsutawney campuses) your advising folder with your scheduling worksheet, your test scores, and a copy of your schedule. To help your adviser begin to know you as a person beyond your scores, we suggest that you write a brief introduction of yourself. If you wish, please write a “Dear Adviser” letter in which you:

    • Describe your personal background as much as you wish (for example, you might include information about parents, siblings, personal interests, special experiences, places you have lived . . . the things that make you who you are).
    • Describe your academic background: areas of special interest, areas of strength or challenge, high points in your high school career (classes, sports, activities, music, or employment).
    • Describe your choice of a major: what factors influenced your choice, what alternate areas you are considering, what you expect to achieve with this major. And if you are “Undecided,” what have you done in career exploration? What areas are possibilities? What areas have you ruled out—and why?
    • Describe any special concerns that you would like to discuss with your adviser—academic or personal. Are you worried about studying? Making friends? Living with a roommate? Managing your time? Do you have any special needs?
    • Describe how you would like to relate with your adviser: what you would like in your relationship, level of independence vs. level of support.

    These are just suggestions to help you get started; be creative in adapting these to your interests and needs. This letter need not be very long—just a few paragraphs can be sufficient to let your adviser “see” you before you meet in the Fall. A #9 envelope will be in your check-in folder which we ask you to fill in so that we can sort your letter into the advising folder which will be available to advisers in mid- to late August.

    If you decide to write this letter, bring the letter with you when you come for Orientation.

    Any Questions?

    Contact us by e-mail at, which is our preferred means of contact, or call (724) 357-5658, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., weekdays.