Transfer Student Placement FAQ

  • As you prepare to participate in this year’s Transfer Orientation program, we hope that the questions and answers below will be of use to you. Please review this document carefully before you call the the Office of New Student Orientation. Please share this information with your parents.

    What tests are included?

    Note: The mathematics exam is a computer-based examination.

    Mathematics will provide information about algebra skills and determine placement in math courses. (Transfer students in the colleges of Business and Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and majors in Safety, Health and Environmental Applied Sciences, and Allied Health (Clinical Lab Science, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Respiratory Care) take the exam if their required math course, or its immediate precursor, has not been fulfilled.

    Will I have to take a placement test in English?

    Transfer students who have not completed and passed or who are not currently in a course equivalent to IUP ENGL 101: Composition 1 will take a placement test at Orientation. See essay test for the two prompts on which one may write and for which a brief outline may be prepared.

    If you are a transfer or nontraditional student with previous experience in a course similar to ENGL 101 or with workplace writing experience, you may be eligible to exempt ENGL 101. The process is outlined at the English Department's website.

    How will my test results be used?

    Your test results will affect your course requests. You must abide by your mathematics placement results.

    Will the orientation placement exams provide college credit?

    No. College credit may only be obtained through college-level courses or by taking the Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Exam Program (CLEP) exams. See our website for more information on AP and CLEP equivalencies.

    What if I have taken the CLEP, AP or IB higher level exam?

    See AP/CLEP/IB information on our Orientation site.

    You must take the placement exams even though you may have taken the AP, CLEP, or IB higher level exams for English, math, and/or a foreign language. The only exception to this is if Transfer Admissions has already received the results and verified that you will in fact receive IUP course credit for the exam(s) taken.

    If you have taken any of the five general CLEP tests (English Composition, Natural Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Social Science-History) and received a score of 50 or better (or other scores as applicable), you may be eligible to receive three to four credits per test (depending on which test is taken). IUP accepts up to 12 credits gained by taking the general tests. You also may take one or more of the various subject area tests. The scores required for earning credit vary by subject area.

    Submit your results to IUP as soon as possible.

    Where do I take the CLEP, AP, or IB higher level exam?

    The CLEP exams are administered at IUP by appointment only through the University Testing Center (724-357-4994). They may also be available at a site closer to your home. Results take approximately six weeks to process and are sent to the student and the credit evaluation office of the designated schools. Be sure to have your results sent to the IUP Office of Admissions (Sutton Hall, Room 117, 1011 South Drive, IUP, Indiana, PA 15705), as soon as possible.

    The AP or IB higher level exams were administered through your high school. Results should be sent immediately to the IUP Office of Admissions. Further information should be obtained from your guidance counselor. [Note: if you submitted AP scores during your junior year, confirm with Transfer Admissions ( that these have been received and placed on your IUP transcript.]

    How can I be sure that my transfer credits appear on my IUP record before registration?

    By having the school from which you are transferring credits send an official copy of your transcript to the Transfer Credit Evaluator in the Office of Admissions (Sutton Hall, Room 117, 1011 South Drive, IUP, Indiana, PA 15705). Any transcripts received after your Orientation session will be credited as soon as possible after evaluation.

    Will parents and family members be present at their student's advising session or registration?

    No. While we recognize the invaluable role parents play in their students’ education, Transfer Orientation is the time when we help the student make the transitions from prior methods of advisement to working together in a partnership with an academic adviser at IUP. Transfer Orientation provides a supportive structure for beginning that relationship.

    How will the student know the courses for which to register?

    The advising sessions will allow students to pull together their placement testing results, their major requirements, and their first IUP courses into a plan for scheduling. Faculty and staff are actively involved in the registration session to assist students as the need arises.