Transfer Orientation FAQ

  • As you prepare to participate in this year's Transfer Orientation program, we hope that the questions and answers below will be of use to you. Please review this document carefully before you call the the Office of New Student Orientation. Please share this information with your parents and family members.

    Why Transfer Orientation?

    Our goal is to help you make the transition from your prior college/university to Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The more familiar you are with the university’s expectations of students, the more likely you are to be successful in your first semester. Orientation provides you and your advisor with information about the appropriate levels to enroll in for your first IUP courses. You will meet with academic advisors. You will also be introduced to some of our campus services.

    When is Transfer Orientation?

    Fall Admit Transfers

    • June 2, 2017
    • July 10, 2017
    • July 26, 2017

    January Admit Transfers

    Transfer students may select one of two dates: typically early December or the Friday before classes start in January. 

    Is participation required?

    Yes. Orientation and any related testing are departmentally sanctioned and approved by the IUP Administrative Group and the university’s Council of Trustees.

    How am I invited?

    Admitted transfer students, who have paid their tuition deposit, will receive a packet that includes an invitation and instructions on how to access the Orientation enrollment form approximately early April. After having completed the Transfer Orientation enrollment form, students will receive confirmation of their participation and testing date approximately one week before the program.* Confirmation letters will include a reference to our website to access sample tests and arrival information.

    *Students may assume that they have been enrolled for the date of their first choice unless they are contacted by the Office of New Student Orientation indicating otherwise.

    Is there a fee for the program?

    Yes. The fee will be included in your first IUP billing statement. The amount is determined by your admission category, not by the date of testing. For 2017 admits, the fee for transfer students is $125*. This fee is nonrefundable.

    *Subject to proposed increase as of March 2017

    Is my Orientation housing included with the program and in the fee?

    For fall transfer admits attending a summer Orientation: Housing is available on a limited basis the night before Orientation for an additional fee of $24. Please indicate on your enrollment form that you’d like to take advantage of the on-campus housing. The Orientation housing fee will be charged to your fall semester bill.

    For January admits and those attending late Orientation: Housing is not available for our August, December, or January Transfer Orientations.

    Is food included with the program?

    The program includes lunch.

    How long is the program?

    Indiana campus transfer students will be involved with advising and registration throughout the course of the day of their Orientation program. Program check-in is at 8:00 a.m. Academic meetings and registration will conclude by (approximately) 5:30 p.m. Students must be present for the entire program.

    Note 1: Students who have other business to attend to should plan to complete it after the program.

    Note 2: Should you have a conflict with employment, we will provide an excuse for your employer on our stationery. (Please note this on your enrollment form.)

    Are my parents and family members invited to attend?

    August, December, January Transfer Orientation

    There is NO parent program for late August, December, or January transfer orientations.

    Summer Transfer Orientation

    An optional transfer parent and family orientation program is offered concurrently with the student program in May through July. (Visit our For Parents section for more information.) If staying in summer on-campus housing, the charge per night is $35 per person.

    Note: The Transfer Parent and Family orientations are entirely separate from the Student Transfer orientations.

    What if I become ill during testing?

    We will assist you in contacting family, take you to Student Health Services (if open), and/or assist you in securing treatment, if necessary, at Indiana Regional Medical Center.

    What if I arrive by bus, air, or train?


    The university/Orientation programs do not provide transportation. Each student/family member must make his or her individual travel arrangements, incorporating program times. When making plans, remember that Orientation programs do not conclude until approximately 5:00 p.m. Advance arrangements are required for all transportation services.

    Air Travel

    Most flights arrive at Pittsburgh International Airport (approximately 75 miles from Indiana). Some airlines may fly to Latrobe Airport (approximately 35 miles from Indiana) or the Jimmy Stewart Airport (Indiana, Pa.). The ability to secure transportation from the airport should be carefully considered when making travel arrangements. Please contact all airlines/airports/transportation services directly.

    Bus Travel


    Fullington Trailways offers transportation from the Pittsburgh International Airport to Indiana, Pa. Specific information may be acquired by contacting the company at 724-465-7827. Fullington Trailways also services Indiana, Pa. from multiple locations within Pennsylvania. Buses arrive at 1205 CC Maple Street, Indiana, Pa. Transportation from the bus station in Indiana may be arranged through contacting Turbo Taxi at 724-465-8294. Check ahead for specific hours of operation and or to arrange a ride. (Unlike some cities, taxi service is pre-arranged; and not on-call.)


    Transit services are available throughout the Indiana County Transit Authority regular bus routes.

    Train Travel

    Amtrak services may be available to/from Pittsburgh (approximately 60 miles from Indiana) and Johnstown, Pa. (approximately 30 miles from Indiana). As with air travel, students and family members traveling by train need to ensure appropriate connections to Indiana via bus or taxi.

    Additional information is available at IUP's Maps and Directions website.

    What if my address or phone number has changed?

    Notify both the Office of Admissions and the Office of New Student Orientation of the change(s) in writing. In addition, also change this information on your MyIUP account.

    When I am writing or calling the Office of New Student Orientation, what information should I have on hand?

    Please supply your name, Banner ID (included in your Transfer Orientation invitation letter), and admission type (Transfer). Please note that office hours, for Orientation-related phone calls, are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    What if I decide not to attend IUP?

    We hope that you will change your mind! However, if you are unable to attend, please notify the Office of Admissions (Sutton Hall, Room 117, Indiana, PA 15705) in writing, as soon as possible.

    What if I decide to change my major after I've been admitted?

    If you wish to change majors before Orientation, you should notify the Office of Admissions through the orientation enrollment form. If you decide to change majors after enrolling for orientation but before attending orientation, email the Office of Admissions at If you change your mind at Orientation, let us know then. (As well, we need to know of major change requests after Orientation, as we may need to modify your schedule. How to accomplish this will be explained at Orientation.)