2016 Peer Advisor Position Description

  • General Description:

    The peer advisor position within the Advising and Testing Center assumes multiple responsibilities. The main responsibilities of a peer advisor fall into seven categories. While an attempt has been made to list as many of the specific responsibilities as possible under each category, omissions are obviously possible. Persons in this position must be willing to embrace each of the areas with equal enthusiasm and energy. Peers will need to be able to suppress their own attitudes and opinions for the greater good of the program.

    I. General Orientation Responsibilities:

    • Always represent the university as professionally as possible.
    • Serve as an information source to all who utilize any of the services falling under the Advising and Testing Center.
    • Maintain a high level of visibility, approachability, and enthusiasm at all times.
    • Strive constantly to be accurate and honest in all communication.
    • Always be respectful of fellow staff and student participants, irrespective of admit status, gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, sexual orientation, disability status, etc.
    • Be willing to actively contribute towards and encourage positive staff interactions.
    • Present positive relationships with staff members in front of students.
    • Understand that your personal work is not complete until the work of the entire group is complete.
    • Attend all training sessions and staff meetings.
    • Be present on campus all day, every day, and evenings and weekends throughout the 10-day mid-May training just before Orientation.
    • Understand that, during Orientation, program responsibilities run from mid-Sunday afternoon to early Friday evening (and may run to mid-Saturday morning, on occasion.)
    • Be willing to participate in scheduled group activities such as Orientation picnics, banquets, etc.
    • Be willing to accept other duties/responsibilities as assigned; be flexible.
    • Try to be understanding of the weaknesses of self and others, and be willing to try to change/grow and help others to do so.
    • Be willing and able to suppress personal attitudes and opinions when necessary toward furthering the goals of the program/group.
    • Remember that this is a job to be taken seriously, not lightly.
    • Have fun! Grow and learn!

    II. Residence Hall Community Assistant Responsibilities:

    Peer advisors will live in the residence hall(s) used for the Summer Orientation program. Expectations are that you will serve as friend, advisor, confidant, and disciplinarian, among other roles, for the program participants. Some of the responsibilities include:

    • Preparation of the residence hall(s), including decorating bulletin boards, preparing door tags, posting and creating informational signs, assisting with residence hall check-in and check-out, etc.
    • Remain accessible at all times to serve as an information/resource person.
    • Conduct floor meetings to provide information on residence life, university life, campus services, student life, etc.
    • Act as a disciplinarian—enforcing university and program regulations by confronting violations, educating students, and following proper documentation procedures for all incidents.
    • Serve on-call and on-duty times as directed.
    • Constantly serve as a role model for all program participants.

    III. Test Administration Responsibilities:

    • Assume responsibility for creating an appropriate atmosphere for conducting placement tests.
    • Maintain familiarity with procedures for conducting placement tests.
    • Maintain strict security (accountability for all numbered tests given to peer advisor).
    • Maintain adequate materials to administer tests in the testing room.
    • Assist graduate assistant with student check-in as assigned.

    IV. Advising Responsibilities:

    • Assist faculty members in the advising process as requested.
    • Become familiar with each individually assigned college curriculum.
    • Aid in the development of class schedules, and assist in the registration process.
    • Maintain familiarity with the Liberal Studies requirements.
    • Know various academic procedures (change of major, etc.), and be able to accurately communicate this information to students.

    V. Social Responsibilities:

    • Assist in the planning of, preparation for, and implementation of Summer Orientation social programming.
    • Eat meals with students attending orientation.
    • Provide security as directed for such programming.
    • Mingle and get involved at social events.
    • Maintain an “open door” for Orientation residents during non-“quiet hour” portions of Orientation, remaining in the living room area of the suite. (This includes evening and “off duty” hours while students are present at the program.)
    • Outside of scheduled programs/presentations, actively seek out and engage students in conversations about Orientation and the transition to IUP.

    VI. Office Work Responsibilities:

    • Assist other Advising and Testing Center staff members in completing any and all clerical work necessary for effective implementation of the Summer Orientation program.
    • Assist in preparation of advising folders.
    • Assist with stuffing and labeling of mailings as needed.
    • Assist in test scoring as needed.
    • Assist in preparation of any and all required reports.

    VII. Programming Responsibilities

    • Be willing to further the university as a community of diverse learners and ideas.
    • Introduce and lead workshops which involve ideas or concepts that do not represent one’s personal viewpoint.
    • Follow written and verbal programming directions, sublimating the desire to innovate one’s own ideas in regards to programming.

    VIII. Major and Career Exploration Center Responsibilities

    (Potential employment opportunity for fall 2016; based upon office need and satisfactory performance as a peer adviser)

    • Assist in preparation and upkeep of Center.
    • Conduct intake interviews, assist Center users and maintain necessary records.
    • Maintain an active involvement in suggesting and making changes and updates to better the Center.
    • Participate in report preparation as directed.
    • Participate in preparation and presentation of outreach programs.