Freshman Parent and Family Program Overview

  • IUP Parent and Family Orientation Program: Student Success is Our Goal

    Effectively parenting a college freshman can be complicated. IUP is committed to providing parents with the information necessary to help facilitate student success in college. Therefore, we have developed the IUP Spring*/Summer Freshman Parent and Family Orientation Program for parents and family members of admitted students entering in the fall. (Due to limited staffing, we are not able to offer a Parent Orientation for the parents of admitted students entering in January.)

    Our optional Parent and Family Orientation takes place simultaneously with the mandatory, two-day student program. The parent and family program focuses on helping families to better understand their student’s transition to adulthood, the university system and its resources, and college life both inside and outside of the classroom.

    (Please note that the student and parent and family programs are intentionally separate. Students and parents do not see each other during the programs, as we desire to begin to have students understand their increased responsibility as college students.)

    Parent and Family Orientation typically includes the following topics:

    • Academic programs and policies, Liberal Studies, and student rights and responsibilities
    • Education abroad and national student exchange programs
    • Online communities, college scams, and identity theft
    • Career exploration and skill building, employment opportunities, internships, and cooperative education
    • A First-Time Parent of College Students session
    • Personal Issues: What to anticipate and how to help
    • A question-and-answer session with current students
    • Spiritual life
    • Residence life, dining, and connectivity to IUP’s central computer, the Internet, and library resources
    • Health services, campus safety, and borough resources 
    • University costs and payment plans
    • Financial aid information session
    • Purchasing textbooks
    • I-Card services, and on-campus banking opportunities through PNC Bank

    Parents and families who choose to attend the Parent and Family Orientation will receive the exact program of events upon check-in for the program. The fee for the program covers staffing, materials, snacks, and breakfast on Day 2. The fee remains the same, irrespective of the length of the program attended.

    Beginning in February, families will receive more information about the Spring*/Summer Parent Orientation Program through the mail. (Please note that, once mailings begin, students/parents are only invited to Orientation after payment of the tuition deposit.) Included in the mailing will be a program overview and a local lodging brochure.

    *Spring orientations are condensed and may not offer all topics.