Campus Space and Solicitation

  • The Center for Student Life registers and coordinates requests for the use of outdoor space on the IUP campus. Requests are reviewed to ensure the safety of the IUP community, the protection of IUP grounds, and respect for the academic mission of the university.

    All activities/events at outdoor campus space must be requested and registered a minimum of ten business days prior to the event. This is necessary to ensure coordination among Campus Safety, Grounds and Maintenance, and other university offices with respect to the request.

    Outdoor Space

    Outdoor Space requests include, but are not limited to: areas within the Oak Grove, Wallwork Plaza, Pratt Circle, in front of the dining halls, and Keith Lawn.

    Spaces immediately adjacent to buildings, such as entrance steps, patios, and porches, are the providence of the specific building. Requests to use such spaces are addressed to the individual building manager.

    The “IUP Request/Registration for Use of Outdoor Campus Space for Activities/Events” is available in the Forms section of the Center for Student Life website.

    Late Night Programming

    IUP will consider proposals from recognized student organizations for events that extend beyond 12:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m.  Additional information can be found at the following pages specific to Late Night Programming.

    Outdoor Banners

    Outdoor Banners may be displayed on the IUP Tennis Courts.  A request for a banner to be displayed may be made using the “IUP Request/Registration for Use of Campus Space for Solicitation” form available in the Forms section of the Center for Student Life website.

    Outdoor banner display is considered a form of noncommercial solicitation. Banners are hung and removed by the IUP Grounds Crew on Tuesdays. The completed banner must be delivered to the Center for Student Life, 103 Pratt Hall, before the close of business on the Friday prior to the requested dates of display. IUP is not responsible for banners that become lost or damaged.