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Web Team Meetings for Fall 2010: Monthly Summits and a Golden Mouse

This fall, the Web Team is changing the way it interacts with the Web Advisory Board and with web maintainers.

The Web Advisory Board, instead of meeting monthly, will meet quarterly. And Web Maintainer Summits, which had been an occasional event, will now take place monthly.

Why the Change?

With the completion of the transition to the new website, the Web Advisory Board has had less to discuss on a monthly basis. The low attendance was indicative of this.

At the same time, the Web Team rarely gets the opportunity for face-to-face contact with web maintainers. We know we have lots of things we want to communicate to web maintainers, and we want web maintainers to have the opportunity to give us feedback.

Changing the frequency of these meetings will be, we hope, a better use of everyone’s time.

What Will Happen at the Monthly Web Summit?

The Monthly Web Summit will be a little bit user group, a little bit planning, and little bit awards show. It will last about an hour. The typical summit will include:

  1. A CMS Tip: How to use Ektron better and more efficiently
  2. Social Media: What the Web Team is doing with social media and how you can take part.
  3. Editorial Calendar: We’ll give you a preview of what we’re planning to put on the website in the next month, ask you what your web plans are, and see how we can work together to make the most of our web resources.
  4. Golden Mouse Award: Each month the Web Team will present the Web Maintainer of the Month with the Golden Mouse Award. We’ll explain why he or she won, and how you can become the next winner.

What Will Happen at the Quarterly Web Advisory Board Meeting?

The agenda for Web Advisory Board meetings will remain much the same. The Web Team will present an overview of the last three months and preview upcoming projects. The Advisory Board will provide input on the ranking of web development projects. As has been our practice, any member of the Advisory Board may place items for discussion on the agenda.

In addition, Michael Powers, the Director of Web Services, will serve on ACPAC.

Dates and locations for Monthly Web Summits and Advisory Board meetings are available on the Web Team calendar. The first Web Advisory Board meeting of the year takes place on September 8, 2010. The first Monthly Web Summit, with a focus on Homecoming content, takes place on September 15.

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