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Important Student Payroll Information for Fall 2010

Please be aware of this important information concerning student payroll for Fall 2010.

Student Payroll Guidelines

Student employment at Indiana University of Pennsylvania requires the student to be enrolled in course work for a minimum of six credits during the Fall and Spring semesters. In order to be employed during the summer, a student must be enrolled for the following Fall semester.

Student Employees — First Time on IUP Payroll

Student employees being placed on IUP payroll for the first time must complete:

Profile/Job Assignment Sheet

Students must complete all documents prior to arriving at the Payroll Services Office, G-11 Sutton Hall. New student employees also must present a social security card and photo ID.

A student without a social security number is not permitted to work.

International Student Employees

International student employees must provide the following documents to be kept on file in the Payroll Services Office as required by federal law.

Returning Student Employees

Returning student employees must complete a Profile/Job Assignment Sheet. If the student employee was on IUP payroll last year, this is the only document they will need to complete prior to arriving at the Payroll Services Office, G11 Sutton Hall.

Returning student employees who were not on IUP payroll last year will be treated as newly hired. (See above: Student Employees — First Time on IUP Payroll.)

Federal Work Study

Students will not be employed through the Federal Work Study Program until verification of eligibility for Federal Aid.

Direct Deposit

If you would like IUP Payroll Services to direct deposit your pay, you must provide a voided check along with a direct deposit form. Students do not need to reapply for direct deposit if they have had direct deposit through IUP Payroll Services in the past year. Direct deposit will continue until the Payroll Office is notified by the student to stop the direct deposit. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Payroll Office of any changes that could affect their direct deposit (new bank, new account number, or a stop of a direct deposit). It is also the student’s responsibility to notify the Payroll Office of any changes that could affect their payroll information (federal withholding, address changes, phone numbers, name change, etc.).

To be paid on September 24, 2010, students must sign up for payroll no later than noon on Tuesday, September 7, 2010. No exceptions. 

Noteworthy Information

  • First workday for Fall 2010: 08/28/2010
  • First paydate for Fall 2010: 09/24/2010
  • Last paydate for graduate assistants (Fall only) 12/31/2010
  • Last paydate for graduate assistants: (Academic year) 05/20/2010

If a student is not enrolled or has graduated from IUP, the student can no longer be on payroll. Their employment ends.

All supervisors must have a proxy to approve student hours in case the supervisor is unable to approve the hours for the student. Please contact for assistance.

  • Payroll Services Office
  • Sutton Hall, Room G11
    1011 South Drive
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-2510
  • Fax: 724-357-7551
  • Office Hours
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.