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New Feature of Student Time Collection System

In an effort to continually improve the services provided by the Payroll Services Office, we have implemented an additional feature of the Student Time Collection System.

At times you find a discrepancy in the hours submitted by your student employees. Now what do you do? In the past, you could not approve the hours and e-mail or call the Payroll Services Office to let them know you intentionally did not approve for that student employee. You now have a new option—you can Return for Correction. This will remove the documents from your approval queue, allowing the student employee to make corrections and resubmit their hours (please see Important Note* below). Once you have Returned for Correction, you will contact the student employee to make corrections and resubmit their hours.

*Important Note:

The student time collection system is not available to the student employees after midnight Sunday following a payday. If you find the discrepancy after the midnight Sunday deadline, the student employee will not have the ability to make changes and resubmit. You can still Return for Correction and work with the student employee to submit back hours.

Instructions for using this new feature (Return for Correction) are at the Payroll website.

Please begin to use this new feature immediately. Thank you.

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