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Villalobos-Echeverría Exhibits at National Palace of Culture in Managua


“Camuflaje @ 12°9'19"N 86°16'19"W” (Camouflage @ 12°9'19"N 86°16'19"W), by Department of Art professor Patricia Villalobos-Echeverría, juried into the VII Biennial of Visual Arts in Nicaragua, on view until December 13, 2009, at the National Palace of Culture in Managua.

“Camuflaje @ 12°9'19"N 86°16'19"W” references cells, protrusions, mines, or camouflaged contaminants within an architectural space that feeds on the environment they occupy. The building and its exhibition space serve as “biological host” to these elements and become a metaphor for symbiotic or parasitic relationships where both host and appendix become a new hybrid site/being. The title points to the coordinates of the National Palace of Culture in Managua, Nicaragua. It alludes to two realities.

First, to the transformation of architectural spaces in Managua (the National palace of Culture used to be the National Palace of Government, which was taken by “Comandante Cero” in the 1970s), as well as to other spaces of the city of Managua whose walls reveal a state of perpetual transition.

Second, it alludes to seemingly inoffensive situations or elements which are simultaneously harmful to power and dependent relationships and to systems of latent movement that may imperceptibly transform an entire entity.

A three-person jury selected fifteen artists for the Biennial of Visual Arts: Elvis Fuentes, curator of the Museo del Barrio in New York City; Dr. Ivonne Pini, professor at the University of the Andes in Bogotá, Colombia; and Antonio Martorell, internationally renowned artist from Puerto Rico.

The three-person jury also selected six of the artists in the Nicaraguan Biennial to represent the country at next year’s Central American Biennial in Panama City, Panamá. The VII Biennial of Visual Arts of Nicaragua will be on view from November 12 to December 14, 2009.

Camuflaje @ 12°9'19"N 86°16'19"W

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