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Student Employee of the Year 2007

Meet Melissa Sue Mikeska, the 2007 Student Employee of the Year. 

Melissa Sue Mikeska, 2007 Student Employee of the Year

Hello, my name is Melissa Mikeska, and I am currently a senior IUP student with a double major in Accounting and Finance. 

I began my employment with the Office of Student and Alumni Services in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology in February 2005 during my sophomore year. I would like to share some tips with you regarding becoming a successful and invaluable student employee at IUP. Below are advice and information that I have gained based on my experience as an IUP student employee.

I believe the first and most important item in becoming a successful student employee is developing a good relationship with your coworkers; this includes other IUP students, secretaries, and most importantly, your supervisor/boss. Developing this relationship from day one on the job will allow you to gain knowledge on certain topics such as what the appropriate dress is for the job and how you should perform your work. Dressing appropriately is important to your supervisor/boss and also the university itself, because as a student employee, you are representing IUP. When deciding what to wear, keep in mind that going to work is not the same as going to class, i.e. you would not show up in your pajamas or an outfit you might wear to go out with friends. Instead, you want to be conservative about your clothing choice and look at your job as a real job, where you would want to impress your employer and advertise the company well.

Most student employee jobs on campus are going to require some type of interaction with your fellow students, and possibly alumni, parents, faculty, and staff. This type of interaction gives student employees the chance to network with a variety of people from different backgrounds and develop lifelong relationships. Although you may not be aware of it now, networking is valuable to your future career and can assist you in finding internships and full-time jobs. Therefore, as you are assisting customers at your job, keep in mind that you should treat them with respect. Even if you become overwhelmed with many different tasks at your job, try to have as much patience with your customers as possible because this will ease your job, and your customers will be satisfied. Sometimes you just need to take a few minutes and listen closely to someone’s problem, and you can easily point that person in the right direction instead of ignoring what he or she has to say and sending the person to another office for help.

My job as a student employee at IUP has brought many opportunities my way and given me the chance to grow and prosper as a person. The relationships that I have developed with my coworkers, not only in the office where I work, but in the Eberly of College of Business and Information Technology in general, are extremely important to me. It is a good feeling when you go to work and see not only faculty members, but other staff members as well, and they know you by your first name. I have benefited from my job by developing better communication skills, networking skills, and the ability to help students understand the academic process at IUP. During the summer of 2007, I interned at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Pittsburgh. As I went to work each day, I noticed many similarities to my job at IUP, including networking, how to dress for the job, representing the company at a client site, being able to multitask, and working together as a team. I hope every student employee at IUP has a successful year!

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