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Shutdown of Unused Websites to Begin October 10

To help visitors to our website find the latest and most correct information, the Web Team will begin to shut down unused sites on the old web server on October 10.

If you maintain a website at IUP, here’s what you need to know:

What do you mean by “shutting down” my old website?

We will be putting in place a redirect. Anyone who types in the address of your old site will automatically be sent to your new site. For instance, if someone went to, he or she would be sent to

In some cases, there is already a redirect in place on the old server. We will change that redirect to point to the new website. For instance, as of this writing, if you go to, you are redirected to the old Communications Media site at After October 10, visitors to will be redirected to the new Communications Media site at

Why are you doing this?

Most of our content from the old site has been moved to the new server, and that is where visitors can now find the latest information. Unfortunately, visitors still find our old content via Google and other search engines, and sometimes they never do find the new information. That’s confusing and bad for our admissions efforts.

I still need that old content! What will happen to it?

You will still be able to access your content via your W: drive (or other mapped drive). The content is not being removed—this change only prevents web access to your content.

Which websites are affected?

This change will affect only websites that have been checked out—that is, those that have had the red badge with the link to the old site removed. Our assumption is that any site that has had the badge removed is now complete, and access to the old site is no longer needed.

What if I’m not ready to shut down my old website?

You need to let us know as soon as possible. If you still need your old website, we will remove it from the list of sites to shut down and put the badge back in place to help visitors find your content.

If my old website isn’t going to be shut down on October 10, when will it be shut down?

After October 10, we'll shut down old sites as part of our checkout/debadging procedure. Once the badge comes off, the old site will be taken out of service.

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