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Easier Previewing Now Available

Just in case you missed it in the change log: we’ve updated the site to include the Login, Workarea, and Preview buttons on every page whenever you are logged into Ektron. This change should make previewing your work a lot easier, since you won’t need to return the the CMS Login page to turn previewing on and off. It also makes getting to your Workarea a lot easier.

Another change making its debut today: tables of contents no longer list themselves, which will be a lot less confusing for our users.

Note that if you want to leave out more pages or have control over the order in which links display, you should use a collection.  The final output looks pretty similar: here's a list of links created using a table of contents and here's a list created with a collection.

(What’s the difference between a table of contents and a collection?  Collections give you more control: you can list only the files you want (even files from other folders) and list them in any order you want—but you’ll need to add and delete your links by hand. The table of contents lists everything in a folder automatically, but you are limited to displaying those links in alphabetical order.)

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