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GSP Retroactivity Program Extended

Because of the overwhelming responses BCSP received to extend the GSP Retroactivity Program, the BCSP Board of Directors approved the motion to continue the GSP Retroactive Program for those individuals who graduated from a Qualified Academic Program (QAP) prior to June 2006 and during any year for which the QAP held accreditation from ABET-ASAC or ABET-TAC, so long as it has not been longer than ten years since their graduation date.

Individuals may apply directly with BCSP. For additional details, please direct your former students to download the GSP Retroactivity Application Guide on the BCSP downloads web page at

Over the next few weeks we will be posting information on the BCSP website about the decision to continue the GSP retroactivity program, as well as updating our literature and application guide.  Currently the application materials available state the application deadline is December 31, 2007. Please note that this deadline date can be disregarded and all application materials should be sent directly to BCSP.

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