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Employees Recognized at 2014 Annual Service Awards Luncheon

On March 25, 2014, several IUP employees were recognized for their years of service to the university.

President Driscoll and Daniel Shively50 Years of Service

  • Daniel Shively, IUP Libraries

(Right: President Michael Driscoll and Dan Shively)

35 Years of Service

  • Susan Bacha, Enrollment Management and Communications 
  • Robert Boldin, Finance and Legal Studies
  • Larry Duncan, Grounds
  • Jerry Fulmer, Grounds
  • Mary Jalongo, Professional Studies in Education
  • Nicholas Karatjas, Economics
  • Tammi Lu Reckhart, Biology
  • Kimberly White, Information Technology Services

President Driscoll with 35 Years of Service employees
Front Row (L-R) – Kimberly White, Tammi Lu Reckhart, Susan Bacha
Back Row (L-R) – President Michael Driscoll, Larry Duncan, Jerry Fulmer

30 Years of Service

  • Andrea Alsippi, Advancement Services
  • Gregory Anderson, Athletic Facilities
  • John Barker, Student Co-op
  • Robert Britcher, Grant Accounting
  • William Daugherty, IUP Libraries
  • Kenneth Donahue Jr., Custodial Services
  • Steven Douglass, Cogeneration Plant
  • John Engler, Safety Sciences
  • Frederick Glasser, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Mary Hicks, Custodial Services
  • Martha Jack, Biology
  • Richard Johns, Custodial Services
  • Germain Kline, Accounting
  • Philip Kopczyk, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
  • John Kuehn, Music
  • Mary Kuffner Hirt, Political Science
  • Patrick McCreary, Theater and Dance
  • Sandra McKee, Custodial Services
  • Thomas McQuilkin, Carpentry and Paint Shop
  • Jeffrey Miller, Hospitality Management 
  • Robert Petti, PA OSHA Consultation Program
  • Loretta Piper, Payroll Services
  • David Pistole, Biology
  • Thomas Potts, Custodial Services
  • Lynne Troyan, Graduate Studies and Research
  • Michael M. Williamson, English
  • Douglas Zolocsik, Maintenance 

President Driscoll with 30 Years of Service employees
Front Row (L-R) – Douglas Zolocsik, Thomas Potts, Philip Kopczyk, Loretta Piper, Martha Jack, Lynne Troyan, David Pistole
Back Row (L-R) – John Engler, Kenneth Donahue Jr., President Michael Driscoll, Gregory Anderson, Frederick Glasser, Patrick McCreary

25 Years of Service

  • Joseph Bencloski, Geography and Regional Planning
  • Paul Boston Jr., Central Stores
  • Ralph Brilhart Jr., Custodial Services
  • Roger Briscoe, Educational and School Psychology
  • Robert Camp, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology
  • David Chambers, Political Science
  • Malinda Levis, Health and Well-Being
  • David Downing, English
  • Walter Fedash, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
  • Lon Ferguson, Safety Sciences
  • Michele Gerwick, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
  • Gina McGaughey, Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
  • Paul Grieggs, Information Technology Services
  • Tammy Hamilton, Grant Accounting
  • Wendy Henry, University Advancement
  • Cathy Kaufman, Professional Studies in Education
  • Jaeju Ko, Chemistry
  • Janice Kuzemchak, Custodial Services
  • Mark Labant, Cogeneration Plant
  • Bernard Lazor, Carpentry and Paint Shop
  • Gary Lockard, Custodial Services
  • George Long, Chemistry
  • Rhonda Luckey, Student Affairs
  • Nancy Mantini, Health Service
  • Deborah Mock, Communications Media
  • Wayne Moore, Technology Support and Training
  • Victor Nastase, Cogeneration Plant
  • Joann Peak, Human Resources
  • Joseph Perkovich Jr., Custodial Services
  • Darl Rearick, Auto Shop
  • Karen Rivosecchi, Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
  • Frederick Roadarmel Jr., Custodial Services
  • Ramesh Soni, Management
  • Stacy Stewart, Accounting
  • Christine Stiles, Office of the Bursar
  • Mark Twiest, Professional Studies in Education
  • Susan Wheatley, Music
  • Dale Whitesel, Electric Shop
  • Ronald Wolfe, Custodial Services 

President Driscoll with 25 Years of Service employees
Front Row (L-R) – Karen Rivosecchi, Michele Gerwick, Christine Stiles, Joann Peak, Tammy Hamilton, Mark Labant, Dale Whitesel, Darl Rearick
Back Row (L-R) – Ramesh Soni, George Long, Paul Grieggs, Lon Ferguson, President Michael Driscoll, Robert Camp, Rhonda Luckey

20 Years of Service

  • Debra Bacco, Economics
  • Julia Boyd, Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
  • Marcella Capitosti, Office of the Bursar
  • Donna Detwiler, Office of the Bursar         
  • Dianne Ferrell, Special Education and Clinical Services
  • Susan Frycklund, Office of the Registrar
  • Susan Glor-Scheib, Special Education and Clinical Services
  • Lori Lavanish, PA OSHA Consultation Program
  • Toni Linta, Printing and Postal Services
  • Karen Mack, Office of the Registrar
  • Marlene McCabe, Admissions
  • Michele Norwood, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Deborah Saunders Stanley, Career Development
  • Susan Welsh, English
  • Mindy Wygonik, Culinary Arts

15 Years of Service

  • Sharon Aikins, Teaching Excellence
  • Janice Baker, Special Education and Clinical Services
  • Mistie Blazavich, Budget
  • Seema Bharathan, Biology
  • Wayne Bodle, History
  • Laura Buterbaugh, Office of the Bursar
  • Jason Carnahan, Grounds
  • Nicole Carrera, Admissions 
  • David Doverspike, Professional Studies in Education
  • Kevin Eisensmith, Music
  • Judy Geesey, Education and Educational Technology
  • Dennis Giever, Criminology
  • Jacqueline Greene, University Advancement
  • Lorraine Guth, Counseling
  • Arden Hamer, Developmental Studies
  • Michael Hood, Fine Arts 
  • Bonita Juliette, Development
  • Patricia Krausslach, Office of the President
  • Jacquelyn Kuehn, Music
  • Nadene L’Amoreaux, Counseling
  • John Marsden, English
  • Kevin McKee, Health and Physical Education
  • William Meil, Psychology
  • Mark Minto, Auto Shop
  • Jeffrey Montgomery,  Information Technology Services
  • David Myers, Criminology
  • Melonie Payne, IUP Libraries
  • Karen Pizarchik, Academic Programs and Planning
  • Gary Reese, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Enid Resenic, Admissions for Culinary Arts
  • Michael Rihn, Carpentry and Paint Shop
  • Jose Rivera, Health and Physical Education
  • Frederick Slack, Management
  • Mark Sloniger, Health and Physical Education
  • Rosalee Stilwell, English
  • Stephanie Taylor-Davis, Food and Nutrition
  • Malaika Turner, Housing, Residential Living, and Dining
  • Christina Wiggins, Student Affairs 
  • Jason Worzbyt, Music
  • Keith Young, Music

10 Years of Service

  • Paul Arpaia, History
  • Melissa Bair, Geography and Regional Planning
  • Christopher Baird, Public Safety and University Police
  • Lynanne Black, Educational and School Psychology
  • Andrea Villao Campbell, Public Safety and University Police
  • Michael Carnovale Jr., Student Co-op
  • Reena Dube, English
  • Barry Haldin, Maintenance 
  • Deborah Helwig, Career and Technical Personnel Preparation
  • Connie Huller, Student Co-op
  • Ronald Isenberg, Central Stores
  • John Kapusta Jr., Culinary Arts
  • Michael Kingan, Music
  • Jennifer Kostryk, Human Resources
  • Joseph Kovaleski, Educational and School Psychology
  • Yu-Ju Kuo, Mathematics
  • Carl LeBlond, Chemistry
  • David Loomis, Journalism
  • David Lorenzi, Health and Physical Education
  • Lori Jo Marshall, Mathematics
  • Lorie McDowell, Academic Administration
  • Lindsey McNickle, Human Resources
  • Andrea Morman, Computer Science
  • Kelli Reefer Paquette, Professional Studies in Education
  • Elizabeth Poje Hawk, Academic Administration
  • William Sands, Admissions
  • Elizabeth Sarneso, Center for Student Life
  • Joseph Serian, Grounds
  • Joyce Shanty, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
  • Kenneth Sherwood, Jr., English
  • Dawn Smith-Sherwood, Foreign Languages
  • Dane Sprankle, PA OSHA Consultation Program
  • Diane Traves, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment
  • Holly Travis, Biology
  • Pauline Wells, International Education
  • Ronald Wells, Grounds
  • Kristin Williams, Printing and Postal Services
  • Gregory Wisloski, Mathematics
  • Andrew Zhou, Physics
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