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Sociology Faculty and Students Present at Eastern Sociological Society Conference

Research and scholarly work from IUP Sociology graduate students and faculty were well represented at this year’s Eastern Sociological Society conference.

Presentations included:

Courtney Ann Gummo: “Is it my Turn to Cook and Clean?: The Examination of the Division of Labor among Husbands and their Highly Educated Wives”

Dana Hysock Witham and Elizabeth Mansley: “Stalking and Dating Violence: It’s a ’Grey’ Area”

Dana Hysock Witham and Laura West Steck Organizers: “Gendered Masculinities, Paper Session sponsored by the ESS Committee on the Status of Women”

Demond Mullins: “The Continuity of Marginalization: Female veterans in Higher Education”

Christian Vaccaro, Michele Papakie , and Alex Heckert: “The Invisible Work of Veteran Reintegration in the University Setting”

James Martin and Christian Vaccaro: “Epic Glory: Nerd Identity, Manhood Acts, & Dagorhir at a Northeastern College Campus”

Melissa Swauger "Research with Children: Managing IRBs and Other Institutional Gatekeepers - Conversation"

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