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Short Film Auditions, February 19 & 20

The Student Film Association will be holding Short Film Auditions on Wednesday, February 19 and Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the Stapleton Library, Room 210.

Set in 1938, the short film is about a family's reaction to the "War of The Worlds" broadcast Halloween night.

The character descriptions are listed below and the auditions for the roles of the Father, Mother, James, and Elizabeth will be on Wednesday, and the auditions for the remaining cast on Thursday. Please audition on the designated days of each role. The auditions are open to the public, and anyone interested in a role should e-mail to receive the script selection for the audition.

The characters are as follows:

FATHER (FRANK): The head of the family. Arguably the main character, he’s a hard worker owning both a farm and keeping a second job (unsaid, probably steel or glass mill in Pittsburgh). He is a bit more open to new ideas, and seems to be abandoning the old uptight ways. The father of JAMES and ELIZABETH

MOTHER (MARGARET): Old fashioned. She loves her family very much, but God is her number one. She’s not one to remember to take time out of the day for fun. She’s somewhat an obsessive compulsive and well put together, however when put in the face of danger, she can’t quite keep it together, becomes irrational.

JAMES: A bit of competition between the FATHER and himself when it comes to the main character. He’s a young boy of about 12-14 years old. His religious roots are definitely an influence on his life, but he’s not about to lead the life his MOTHER has, and will probably end up doing something different than his father. He has a girlfriend named ALICE whom is his first love. He and his little sister ELIZABETH have a pretty close knit relationship.

ELIZABETH:  The youngest of the characters. ELIZABETH is anywhere from 7-10 years old. She is naïve and a silly heart, which makes it hard for MOTHER to mold her in her image. She’s not afraid to let God in to her life and her attitude about religion is the same as JAMES. She doesn’t say a whole lot, but she’s cute.

ALICE:  ALICE is JAMES’s girlfriend. She as well as the other child characters is not as big into religion as the adults. She’s playful and sarcastic, definitely cares about JAMES a lot.

OLIVER WILSON:  The brain with the master plan. He is the writer of the special Halloween broadcast. He’s a very intelligent man with a love for radio and literature. He knows what he has prepared for his listening audience will not be forgotten, but he underestimates just how powerful the media of radio can be in the late 1930’s.

MAN 1 and MAN 2:  Two young eager gentlemen( voice actors) who work alongside Oliver Wilson for the production.  They look up to and are definitely not as sophisticated as Mr. Wilson. MAN 1 also takes the role of ROBERT and MAN 2 takes the role of PROFESSOR PRUDEN.

PRIEST:  An old man with white hair, has been a priest for some time.

ANNCR (Voice Actor):   One of the announcers relaying news announcements. 

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