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Web Maintainer Tips: Quicklinks, Aliases, and E-mail

The Web Team thanks all of IUP’s site maintainers for their patience as we work through the bumpier-than-expected Ektron upgrade. Here are a few things to watch out for when editing in the CMS.

Quicklinks Don't Use Aliases

If, when making a quicklink, you are given the option of choosing a manual alias (such as /web/default.aspx), be sure to never click on the alias. Always choose the other option, which looks like this:


Choosing the alias (also known as a “friendly URL”) results in a regular hyperlink, not a quicklink. The only way to successfully make a quicklink is to choose the /WorkArea option.

Choose the /WorkArea option when inserting a Quicklink.

As a reminder, never type nor copy and paste an IUP web address. Always make a quicklink using the library icon (library icon).

E-mail Addresses Are Not Automatic

Just typing an e-mail address will not format it as a link. Here are the steps to make the e-mail link active:

  1. While in edit mode, select the e-mail address text that will become the hyperlink.
    • Remember, e-mail address links must always be fully revealed, such as
  2. Click the Insert Link icon (Insert Link icon) on the toolbar. The link toolbar will appear (see below). Link toolbar
  3. Change "http://" to "mailto:" (without the quote marks, but with the colon—see below). Link toolbar with e-mail protocol
  4. Type or paste the e-mail address directly after mailto: Do not leave a space between the two.
  5. Click away from the toolbar, and the e-mail link will now be in place.
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