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Ten Anthropology Graduate Students Recognized in Department Graduation Ceremony

Ten graduate students in the Applied Archaeology Master of Arts Program who graduated in May or will graduate in August were recognized during the Anthropology Department Graduation ceremony on May 17, 2013.

Phil and Justin

Dr. Phillip Neusius congratulates Justin Daley at the department graduation ceremony.

The graduates included:

  • Laura A. Kaufman, "Understanding Site Formation Processes Through the Faunal Assemblages of the Johnston Site," May 2013 (Sarah Neusius, Thesis Chair)
  • Cory D. Meyers, "Cultural Property Protection Property Training in the US Armed Forces," May 2013 (Beverly Chiarulli, Thesis Chair)
  • Andrea L. Boon, "A Faunal Analysis of the Eleventh Horizon of the Koster Site (11GE4)," August 2013 (Sarah Neusius, Thesis Chair)
  • Justin H. Daley, "The Pre-Twentieth Century Development of Watercraft Construction in Pittsburgh and impact on Western Waters North America," August 2013 (Ben Ford, Thesis Chair)
  • Ryan Clark, "Engendering the Monongahela: Social and Spatial Dimensions of Johnston (36In2) Mortuary Practices," August 2013 (Sarah Neusius, Thesis Chair)
  • Victoria Harding, "A Spatial Analysis of the Ripley Archaeological Site," May 2013 (Sarah Neusius, Thesis Chair)
  • Randall A. Kuhlman (Phillip Neusius, Thesis Chair)
  • Jordon D. Loucks, "Improvement across the Atlantic: A study of Irish ceramics in the Five Points" August 2013 (Ben Ford, Thesis Chair)
  • Christopher N. Marini, "Identifying refined earthenwares with spectrometry (Preliminary)" August 2013 (Ben Ford, Thesis Chair)
  • Meghan R. Pace, "How Many Graves are in Memorial Park? Using Geophysical and Historic Data to Search for “Lost” Graves" August 2013 (Beverly Chiarulli, Thesis Chair)


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