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Pavloski Presents Research on Structure and Neural Information of a Visual Gestalt

Raymond Pavloski, professor and chair of the Psychology Department, recently gave an invited presentation at an international conference entitled “One Hundred Years of Gestalt Psychology” in Helsinki on September 28–29, 2012.

Pavloski presented results of his recent research, which show how both the structure of a visual gestalt and the neural information on which it depends can be described by a formal model. This work aims to fill a gap in gestalt research on perception by providing a theory of how the structure of a visual experience and underlying brain activity are related.

The conference, which took place at Tieteiden talo (The House of Sciences), marked the century of empirical and theoretical work that followed the publication in 1912 of Max Wertheimer’s research demonstrating the holistic nature of apparent visual motion. This gathering was hosted and supported jointly by the Society for Gestalt Theory and Its Applications and by the Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy, and included invited talks by scholars from Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Poland.

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