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National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education to Review IUP Teacher Preparation Programs

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Board of Examiners will visit the IUP campus November 6–8, 2011, for a major accreditation review of all teacher preparation programs.

IUP is pleased to be one of the first institutions nationwide to pursue NCATE’s “Continuous Improvement” accreditation model. This accreditation model provides a close inspection of our programs to verify that we are continuing to meet all of NCATE’s standards. In addition, this review will seek to determine if we are meeting, at the highest level, one or more of NCATE’s six standards.

IUP has been nationally recognized by NCATE since September 1, 1954. NCATE is the professional accrediting body for the teaching field. When a Teacher Education Unit becomes accredited, it means that they have met national professional standards that have answered the question, “What is important in teacher preparation today?” The standards were reached through nationwide consensus of representative of all education stakeholders—teachers, teacher educators, state and local policymakers, and school specialists. Representatives of these stakeholders visit the Teacher Education Unit and review the performance of its candidates, its programs, structure, assessment system, and governance to determine if the unit meets the NCATE standards.

NCATE evaluates the entire teaching profession through its standards-setting and review process. NCATE accreditation is the profession’s seal of approval. What that means to IUP is that our teacher preparation programs have met national professional standards for the preparation of teachers and other school specialists. Prospective teachers have assurance that programs at IUP are up-to-date, relevant, and research-based and will prepare them well to have a positive impact on their students’ learning.

The NCATE Board of Examiners will arrive on campus on Sunday, November 6, 2011, and the College of Education and Educational Technology will host a reception and poster session for the examiners to give them an opportunity to talk to program coordinators, candidates, graduates, administrators, and school district professionals. Their visit continues on Monday, November 7, with interviews related to the NCATE standards and visits to schools in the area to talk with personnel. The board of examiners will conclude their visit to IUP on Tuesday, November 8, by sharing the preliminary results of their finding with the College of Education and Educational Technology.

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