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Eberly Students and Faculty Visit Walmart Distribution Center

A group of forty students and five faculty members visited the Walmart Distribution Center (DC #6027) in Woodland in North Central Pennsylvania. The group interacted with the human resource manager of the DC (Kevin Robison), as well as the nearby DuBois Walmart retail store’s manager (C. Howard Allen).

A group of forty students and five faculty members visited the Walmart Distribution Center

This DC, built in 1993, is a larger one among the more than 130 Walmart DCs in the country. This DC services 102 stores. It has won the Walmart warehouse of the year award several times. It is about 1.3 million square feet in area and ships about $10 million worth of goods a day.

After an excellent presentation and discussion about many supply chain aspects of Walmart with the company’s managers, the team got a tour of the mammoth DC. The students had an opportunity to see technology such as automated storage and retrieval systems, radio frequency identification, etc., and also witness logistics innovations, such as cross-docking.

“Before this visit, I did not see Wal-Mart the way I do now. My entire concept of the company has changed now that I can really appreciate the supply chain they work with,” said Rich Widdowson, Managment Association president. "Many students were impressed by the distribution center’s operation. When I go to a nearby Wal-Mart, I know why the shelves are never empty, which is something I had not given much thought to before. The trip was a great experience, and I would recommend any future business student to attend.”

Drs. Bharadwaj, Pankaj, Sandbothe, Soni, and Wang accompanied the students.

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