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The College of Education and Educational Technology will hold its annual Technology Day for faculty and staff of the college on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Technology Day 2011 will offer twenty-two technology-related sessions presented by faculty, staff, and students of the College of Education and Educational Technology.

The sessions are:

  • “Creating Teachable Moments: Demonstration of Live Online Webinars via D2L” by Dr. Keith Dils
  • “Exploring Qualtrics” by Dr. Crystal Machado
  • “Introduction to Cloud Computing” by Dr. James Lenze
  • “Creating Classroom Photo Seating Charts from Banner” by Dr. Mark Staskiewicz
  • “Editing Pictures and Videos in a Cloud” by Dr. James Lenze
  • “Virtual Worlds in the Classroom” by Dr. Luis Almeida
  • “Using Technology to Assess Students’ Mastery of Content” by Dr. Tim Runge
  • “Don’t Lecture—Do Assessment, Remediation, and More Assessment” by Dr. William Barker
  • “Integrating Smart Boards into Instruction” by Dr. Meghan Twiest
  • “Prezi—Not Your Grandma’s PowerPoint” by Dr. Jeff Fratangeli
  • “Remote Observation of Student Teachers” by Dr. Lloyd Onyett
  • “Creating Instructional Tutorials with CamStudio” by Dr. Luis Almeida
  • “Easy Video Lectures for Online Classes” by Dr. Nancy Yost
  • “Using Clickers in the Classroom” by Johanna Boothby and Jacqueline Myers
  • “Using NVivo Software for Qualitative Research” by Dr. Lloyd Onyett
  • “Training Pre-Service Teachers through SimSchool” by Dr. Luis Almeida
  • “Online Pedagogy” by David Porter and Dr. Gary Dean
  • “So You Have Data/Scores—What Now?” by Dr. William Barker
  • “Who Said Database Development Was Tough? Use Zoho” by Dr. Luis Almeida
  • Using Podcasting to Support Student learning“ by Dr. Kim Desmond
  • Web 2.0 in Teaching” by Dr. Nancy Yost
  • “Our New Science Pavilion” by Dr. Meghan Twiest

For more information about Technology Day 2011, contact Dr. Lloyd Onyett, assistant dean for Technology, via email at

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