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Diversity Series for Teacher Education ePortfolio Assessment

The Teacher Education Diversity Series at IUP is designed to provide teacher candidates with a wide range of opportunities to collect artifacts and experiences that can be applied to their ePortfolio diversity requirements.

Many diversity events that will occur on the IUP campus will be advertised at the Office of Social Equity website.

Diversity events that have been available in the past include:

  • Pennsylvania chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education diversity conference, which provided two days of seminars on issues concerning diversity in education
  • Symposium on Gender and Sexuality
  • MOSAIC meetings (a multiracial, crosscultural student organization “whose mission is to provide opportunities for crosscultural, crossracial, interethnic dialogue and interaction”)
  • African American Cultural Center workshop series
  • IUP Student Diversity Association Diversity Resource Conference
  • Guest lectures on diversity, both in person on campus and archived on digital video (for example, Ms. Sharon Flake conducted guest lectures at IUP and was interviewed in the IUP television studio in Fall 2010.)
  • IUP Heritage Council's "Noche Latina"
  • IUP Native American Awareness Council's Native American Festival
  • Speical Needs Professional Development Workshop
  • Latino Student Organization dancing lessons

Candidates are to attend these events, which may be populated by people far more diverse than their teacher education classes, and reflect on their experiences and interactions as they apply to what they have learned in their introductory courses.

An electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) is used to structure, assign, and assess these activities and reflections. This assignment is made to all teacher candidates in the unit, and is structured with the ePortfolio template and grading rubric. The grading rubric was derived from the IUP Conceptual Framework and NCATE diversity standards.

The artifacts and reflections candidates take from these experiences are to demonstrate their initial stepts toward meeting INTASC Principle 3: “The Teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.” As candidates build on these initial experiences, they are encouraged to explore the concept of cultural competence and to develop strategies for insuring that all of their students can learn.

More information about the ePortfolio, ePortfolio templates, and rubrics can be found at the IUP Teacher Education website.

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