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Abstract: IA Policy

Information Assurance Policy

Why should a computer scientist be concerned about policy? Unfortunately, ensuring the IT assets of the organization operate properly is not the only function you will be asked to perform but protecting the system from unwanted, unauthorized use will further enable you to perform that function. An IA policy provides a comprehensive, integrated, documented plan for a good security program that defines appropriate behavior for all consumers/managers of system, defines the tools and procedures needed to meet the determined security requirements, communicates a consensus of what should be done, and provides authority for response to inappropriate behavior.

Answering several questions can help you get started with developing a policy: “What are the objectives of what you’re trying to do?” What do you use to establish the goals or objectives for what you’re trying to do? The other steps (risk, threat, target, agents) in developing a usable, IA policy are straightforward assessments you normally perform routinely. The completed document will provide the system’s basic security requirements, the controls in place, planned controls, the responsibility of system users, and expected user behavior. Then all you have to do is ensure everyone is informed of what the policy is and uses it.

Colloquium: National Security Significance of Cyberspace

This coming Wednesday, the Computer Science Colloquium Series will feature a talk delivered by Dr. Fiddner of the Political Science Department at IUP.

Posted on 4/10/2015 3:15:53 PM

Seventh Annual Information Assurance Day, October 30

Information Assurance Day takes place on October 30, 2014, at the Ohio Room in the IUP HUB, featuring recognized academic institutions, the U.S. National Security Agency, Dell SecureWorks, and the Pennsylvania government.

Posted on 10/27/2014 4:52:54 PM

NSA Opportunities for Cyber Professionals

The National Security Agency has a number of openings for full-time positions in all of its mission areas. Students receiving degrees in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, systems engineering, or other information security and cyber-related disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Posted on 9/25/2014 3:10:30 PM

The Upcoming Information Assurance Day

The Institute for Information Assurance at IUP, in collaboration with the IT Support Center and the Computer Science Department, will host the seventh annual Information Assurance Day on October 30.

Posted on 10/27/2014 12:25:44 PM

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