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Ali Speaks On “The Ethics of Banking in Islam”

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Abbas Ali was a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Islamic Finance, which was held in the United Arab Emirates on November 5–6, 2014.

His speech was on “The Ethics of Banking in Islam.”

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Ali Discusses Human Resource Development in Oman

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Abbas Ali was among the primary speakers at the Human Resources and Preparation for the Future conference, which was held in Oman on October 19–22, 2014.

He also led a discussion of senior executives from the government and private sector organizations on human resources development in Oman.

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Ali Publishes Scholarly Book on Business Ethics in Islam

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Abbas J. Ali, management professor and Distinguished University Professor, has published a new scholarly book titled Business Ethics in Islam (2014, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, England, and Northampton, U.S.).

Drawing on original sources found in the first century of Islam and guided by contemporary developments in the field of business ethics, Ali offers Islamic perspectives on ethical conduct in the marketplace.

Chapters cover the meaning and scope of business ethics in Islam, sources of ethical problems in business, Islamic ethics and free market economy, ethics and profit making, leadership, the ethics of banking and financial services, marketing ethics and consumerism, ethics and human resource management, and more.

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Ali Gives Keynote Addresses in Jordan and Turkey

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Abbas Ali, IUP Distinguished University Professor, was keynote speaker at a university conference in Amman, Jordan, on Crisis Management.

He also gave a keynote address in Turkey on Work Ethics and Poverty Reduction.

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Kosicek and Slack Teach Special Agents of the FBI

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Mike Kosicek and Fred Slack, Department of Management, travelled to Washington, D.C. in January 2012 to meet with the FBI unit chief at the J. Edgar Hoover building. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the department’s approach to teaching management/leadership courses to special agents of the FBI.

The meeting resulted in Slack teaching Organizational Analysis (Mgmt 613) in Spring 2012, and Kosicek teaching Seminar in Management and Organizational Leadership (Mgmt 635) during Summer 2012. Both classes were offered online using Desire2Learn. These classes were part of the M.S. in Strategic Studies of Weapons of Mass Destruction, offered through IUP’s Criminology Department.

Ali Publishes Management Textbook Specifically Prepared for the Arab World

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Dr. Abbas Ali, Management Department, recently copublished a textbook, Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases.

This textbook was designed for senior and graduate students in business and was specially prepared for the Arab world. It not only integrates concepts and views that are covered in various business fields, but also offers students necessary insights and tools to make sound and informed decisions when joining business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

The book has twelve chapters and more than twenty-two cases. It has unique features, including a section to encourage readers to conduct their own, independent research on the Internet. The “Cohesion Case,” based on SABIC, a global petrochemical company, is revisited after every chapter for students to analyze issues relating to the concepts they have just covered.

Soni to Present at International Conference on Business Cases

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Drs. Ramesh Soni and Stephen Osborne, Department of Management, have been notified that their business case study based on a nonprofit organization—Four Footed Friends, Inc.—has been accepted for presentation at the 2010 International Conference on Business Cases, to be held in Ghaziabad, India.

The main conference will be held on December 2-3, 2010, with a day each of pre- and post-conference activities.

Dr. M. D. Chaubey, Penn State University–Dubois, is the third author on the paper.

Dr. Soni has received an IUP Senate grant to present the paper at the conference.

Drs. Osborne and Chaubey will not attend the conference.

A compilation of all cases presented at the conference will be published in the conference handbook.

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