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Price Publishes Article on Talking During Book Sharing Between Parents and Preschool Children

Posted on 8/12/2009 7:31:55 PM

Lisa Hammett Price, an associate professor of speech-language pathology in the Department of Special Education and Clinical Services, recently published an article in Reading Research Quarterly, a publication of the International Reading Association.

The article is titled “Talk During Book Sharing between Parents and Preschool Children: A Comparison Between Storybook and Expository Book Conditions.” Price, van Kleeck, and Huberty found that expository book sharing was longer in duration and resulted in higher rates of extratextual utterances by both parents and children. Also, during expository book sharing, parents used significantly higher rates of talk that encouraged labeling and more talk at higher levels of cognitive demand. Parents’ utterances were significantly longer and their talk contained significantly greater vocabulary diversity compared to that during storybook sharing. These findings indicate that the genre of book can influence the amount of talk that takes place during book sharing, and it can alter the content, vocabulary diversity, and sentence length of extratextual talk.

Price, L.H., van Kleeck, A., & Huberty, C.J. (2009, April/May/June). Talk During Book Sharing between Parents and Preschool Children: A Comparison between Storybook and Expository Book Conditions. Reading Research Quarterly, 44 (2), 171–194.