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Sociology Faculty and Students Present at Eastern Sociological Society Conference

Posted on 2/24/2014 8:15:17 PM

Research and scholarly work from IUP Sociology graduate students and faculty were well represented at this year’s Eastern Sociological Society conference.

Presentations included:

Courtney Ann Gummo: “Is it my Turn to Cook and Clean?: The Examination of the Division of Labor among Husbands and their Highly Educated Wives”

Dana Hysock Witham and Elizabeth Mansley: “Stalking and Dating Violence: It’s a ’Grey’ Area”

Dana Hysock Witham and Laura West Steck Organizers: “Gendered Masculinities, Paper Session sponsored by the ESS Committee on the Status of Women”

Demond Mullins: “The Continuity of Marginalization: Female veterans in Higher Education”

Christian Vaccaro, Michele Papakie , and Alex Heckert: “The Invisible Work of Veteran Reintegration in the University Setting”

James Martin and Christian Vaccaro: “Epic Glory: Nerd Identity, Manhood Acts, & Dagorhir at a Northeastern College Campus”

Melissa Swauger "Research with Children: Managing IRBs and Other Institutional Gatekeepers - Conversation"

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